TOP OF THE TOWN – This NFL draft was the toughest for teams because COVID-19 didn’t allow for the usual scouting, especially bringing players into town to access them. So rounds 4-7 were basically a guessing game. It was a little like throwing darts at a dartboard. You hit in the center luck is with you, but if your dart goes off the board it could be a possible bust.  The Seahawks guessed on Stone Forsythe, a 6-foot-8 giant offensive tackle out of Florida who is good at pass-blocking but not so good at run blocking. He was recommended by Hall of Famer Steve Hutchinson, who did consulting work for the Seahawks. If the former Seahawk is as good at scouting as he was as a player, the Hawks may have found a late draft gem (6th round). … I shook my head in utter disbelief that a talking head on TV actually had the stupidly of suggesting the Seahawks may trade Russell Wilson to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers, who raised a fuss by saying he would like to take his considerable talents to another team. He is unhappy with salary negotiations, although he didn’t seem unhappy when spotted at the Kentucky Derby Saturday (May 1). … The 2021 Washington men’s basketball team is going to have almost a new-look makeover, and that can’t be bad considered how horrible the last season was for the Huskies. Six players left the program and now leftovers from other programs are filtering in. The latest is 6-9 Langston Wilson, who played one year at Highlands College in Georgia in the 2019-20 season and is rated by one scouting firm as the No. 2 junior college player in the country. Wilson reportedly had an offer from Alabama that was pulled when the school over-filled its allotted scholarships. This next Washington basketball season is going to be interesting and different that’s for sure. Coach Mike Hopkins is playing for his job this next season and so you can expect the unusual and the surprising for the Huskies. You will need a scorecard the first few games to help identify the players. Just call them the No-Name Huskies. … If COVID-19 is finally defeated does that mean we can go back to living our normal lives. Whatever that was. I’m forgotten how it was that I did.  Like millions of others, I’ve been cooped up so long that I’m not sure anything operates outside of my safe zone. Like the Husky basketball team, I will be surprised by what I see and what I am able to do. Of course, we are not in a safe zone yet in this country so I’m not sure yet I will outlive the virus. But if I do, I’ll see you around. That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.