The heck with PC, I’m going to say it like it is

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I don’t like the way I have become. I have been influence unduly by society to the point I’m almost afraid to say or write anything that is out of step with modern times. Yes, I’m talking about political correctness. I was never PC before PC became the prevalent operating procedure in conversations. And I shouldn’t be now. So, for now, I’m not PC.

This Adrian Peterson thing has gone too far. It’s everywhere on the Internet. As you know, he’s been suspended for the rest of the season because, as far as I can tell, for future behavior. How do you suspend somebody from playing pro football for something he might continue to do? Wow, that is crazy, and clearly illegal.

The NFL and the player’s union have agreed on personal conduct rules, and I’ll give the NFL that it can suspend Peterson for his previous conduct. But they can’t legally suspend him for not being remorseful enough or for saying he would do the same thing to his son in some future time. Let’s put it this way, can they arrest me for just thinking the president might be stupid in some future deal he might propose?  No, they can’t.

Just a hunch, but I believe the Seahawks will blow Arizona away this Sunday. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know why. The Seahawks are not a great team like they were last year. They have suffered too many key injuries. And they got rid of two of their deep scoring threats in Golden Tate (Detroit) and Percy Harvin (New York Jets). Now they don’t have that deep threat to keep opponents honest.

And it won’t be long before Marshawn Lynch breaks down. I don’t care how tough you are, and Lynch is extremely tough, you can’t take that much pounding week after week and survive it. So their running game will come to a near stop when he goes down. But it w2ill be good enough this week to beat the Cardinals, and very decisively.

Lorenzo Romar has a talented Washington Husky basketball team this season. But the Huskies sorely are lacking a three-ball shooter.  Teams will learn soon enough – if not already – that the Huskies won’t beat them from outside so they will pack a zone around the basket and make it tough for the Dawgs to win more than 50-percent of their games – unless, of course, they can beat up on the on empty foes like Tulane, Grambling, Eastern Washington and Stony Brook.

That brings up another point. Do you actually have to pay full price to see your favorite team win at home against a bunch of patsies?  Your ticket should not only be discounted, but come with a warning that what you are about to witness may be tough to stomach.

That leads me to remember Lee Harvey Oswald. I can still see him being ushered about in a Dallas police station and him complaining that he is a patsy.  Yes, you were. He did not kill JFK. We may never know who really did, but I know it started and finished with the Mafia, especially that guy in New Orleans, Carlos Marcello, who was connected to Meyer Lansky, Johnny Rosselli and Santo Trafficante, also very bad guys.

There was a connection between these mobsters and Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.  How the final connection played out, I don’t know, and likely will never know. But the killers of JFK came from this association. It’s been 51 years since JFK died in a hail of bullets in Dallas, but the memory of that day will stick with me until I die.

My teenage son loves the OKC Thunder. He is forever giving me updates on their scores and I keep telling him I don’t care; I hope they lose all their NBA games. The reason I don’t like the Thunder has nothing to do with Kevin Durant, who is a good guy and an unbelievable le basketball talent, but the guy who owns them, the Oklahoma Cowboy.

The Oklahoma Cowboy is a bad dude. He stole the Sonics, although Mr. Starbucks had a big part in the theft. What is sad for me is that I once lived in Oklahoma, and like the people I met there. But the Oklahoma Cowboy is not one of them.

All our high school football teams got wiped out in the playoffs. That does not surprise me. Our schools do not measure up well when it comes to the state elite. I believe it has to do with our isolated location here. We just don’t have the population base to compete on a regular basis, especially with teams surrounding the Seattle Metro and Tacoma metro areas.

And, to tell the truth, I have gotten so I dislike it very much. We are not given much credit over here when it comes to high school sports even when we happen to unexpectedly survive to late in the playoffs in various sports. It’s almost like we don’t exist. Maybe that is the way we should prefer it, because really this is a beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest, especially if you are into boating, fishing and hiking, which many of you are.

Anyway, this has been the start of my attack on PC. I’ll follow up with it in later columns.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved