I do care too much, but only because I wonder where is the justice?

Terry Mosher 3



To be honest, I’m not just a sportswriter.  And that may be the problem. I’m much more than that. Too much more than that.

I wonder all the time why I’m down in the dumps. Some days I really get down, as I was Sunday (July 12). I was all bent out of sorts. But then I read something my daughter-in-law wrote: You care too much.

She’s right!!!

I’m sensitive to all the things I see, hear and read that just aren’t right, and when I collect too much of information that is going on in this turbulent and often violent  world I cry inside for justice ‑ where is justice?

The lack of justice in this world is why I cringe when I turn on a sports shock jock radio show and listen to the hosts talk endlessly about Russell Wilson’s contract. C’mon, there are many, many more important things to talk about. Whether Wilson gets the contract he richly deserves is not important in the big scheme of things. He will still get paid plenty this coming NFL season if he doesn’t get a long-term contract from the Seahawks. Find another more important subject, I want to scream at the radio.

When I look back over my life, I have always been concerned about others, especially those in my schools that either got bullied or received no respect from others. I used to take those who were under appreciated under my wing, to help them fly, so to speak.  In short, I was always helping the underdog, those who were not being treated fairly or equally and getting the proper justice they so deserved.

As I have gotten older and wiser, I see more and more inequality and it hurts me more and more inside than I can some days handle, as I couldn’t on Sunday. How can a white man walk into a church and sit there passively for some time, then rise up and start killing those around him, all people of color, and then to make it worse for me the far right commentators on a certain TV cable channel talk about the shooting without once acknowledging what it was: a white crime of hatred against blacks. What is wrong with these people who won’t talk real? And what is wrong with us that we continue to commit raciest hate crimes against people of color? Where is the justice?

I have never seen this country as divisive in its politics as I see it today. I have a political science degree, so I’m not blowing smoke when I say this. I know what I’m talking about. It’s real.

And I can’t understand how anybody can run for a high office like president and speak so loudly and openly about taking away the opportunities for the poor and the middle class and protect the rich, the big corporations at the expense of the poor and the middle class and get away with it?.

How can we vote for these people? Why would you want to have your own ambitions smothered? It doesn’t ‘make sense.

For somebody to call Mexicans coming across our southern border as rapists (although, the candidate says, there are some good Mexicans) and then see his numbers in Republican polls steadily rise to the top is incredulous. What is wrong with us? Where is the justice?

So, yeah, I can understand why my daughter-in-law says I care too much, and that’s because I do. I can’t sit back and not be silent when I see a large  percent of the population being plowed under by billionaires who are throwing their easy money at presidential candidates who will protect their vast wealth at the expense of the rest of us, the 99 percent who actually work for a living, or at least try to.

No wonder I’m physically and emotionally spent. There are too many people who need protection from the bullies and I don’t have the energy to help them all. All I can do is write about it and hope that reasoning will carry the day, and that us poor and middle class residents will rise up and see the phonies for who they really are and give them the vote beating they deserve to get.

But I’m worried. I’m seen too many idiots being elected to Congress in recent years to have hope that we will do the right thing.

There are other things that are bothering me, too, but I’m too numb today to go on any further. I need to find a soft corner somewhere where I can rest by tired head and get some respite from all this madness.

But I won’t stop hollering from treetops about equal justice for all.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.