You know, I have vastly underestimated The Donald. He is brilliant – brilliantly evil, however. He has used over his life bulling, guile, deception and lies to build a financial empire based upon screwing everybody that deals with him, including major banks (no American bank will loan money to him because they have been bitten so much by him and know his reputation) and has aligned himself with thugs (Mafia) both here in America and in Russia to help his empire from crumpling (he has gone through bankrupt six times).

Trump demands (and gets) complete loyalty to those who work for him and that has gotten him into this current Russian investigation mess because he is treating his office as he would his business and you can’t do that constitutionally due to our system of check and balances between the three major components of our government – executive, judicial and legislative – that provide, so to speak, a wall between the three that shall not be breached.

When he tried to demand the FBI director have loyalty to him when in fact the director has loyalty to just the American people, he crossed that check and balance line.

But that strict loyalty imposition he places on those around him puts him in a position of being the sole king unaccountable to nobody. That works well for him in business because he is such a devious person with high intelligence that nobody cannot predict what he will do or how to counter him when he doesn’t use normal logic to complex problems.

On top of this is he’s an extreme narcissist that believes he’s above everybody else in skill and intelligence and that he, and only he, can win or solve problems. It is why if you saw what he did at the NATO summit when he pushed aside Montenegro prime minister Dusko Markovic to get to the front of the group and then stuck out his chin and puffed up his chest you know what I mean when I say he believes he’s the most important person in any setting and needs to be recognized as such.

To combat this egomaniac mainstream media should quit reinforcing his every whim, his every tweet, as the top news of the day. He does what he does because he needs to be the center of attention. No, he doesn’t need it, he demands it. And the media gives it to him, which is the wrong way to address the problem that is Trump.

The biggest problem that is Trump is he is using all of the above to make a grab for power that is unprecedented in the annuals of U.S. history. There is a method to the madness that he portrays, although I would be careful to characterize it that way.

This man is smarter than most realize and he and Steve Bannon, the brains behind the plot to overthrow the government – yes, I believe that is what is happening – are gutting the government and trampling all over the constitution en route to establishing a one-party rule led by – drum roll, please – the man who can’t tell a truth (opposite of Abe Lincoln).

If I’m right I believe Trump will fire Bob Mueller, the special counsel investigating him and his campaign for ties to Russia, which interfered in our election, and may in fact have gotten Trump the edge he needed to win the presidency.

At some point, we, or the powers that be, are going to have to stand up to Trump or we are doomed. So far Trump has played everybody like a finely-tuned fiddle, including the Rs that are going along with him because they get to be second fiddle and impose their conservative agenda on the American people while making their wealthy benefactors wealthier. It’s a sickening scenario that is being played out and all the Ds and the 68 million that voted against Trump can do is stand idly by and watch as their lives are shattered.

One final point about this is that Trump is the biggest conman to come down the pike. He has used all his guile, his deception, his lies and his silver-tongue to deceive 65 million voters into believing a big lie that he will make America safer and create massive jobs.

I hate to tell you this, but you have been conned. But you won’t listen to me because the con is working on you. You believe so deeply (and hate Clinton and Bernie so much) that you are blinded by your own faith. No matter what Trump says or tells you, you are a deep believer. And I know how you feel because I have two brothers who are not dumb who are believers. One of them told me after a recent phone conversation in a rich sarcastic tone so clear that he yelled at me as I hung up, “And your man will do good, real good.”

So I know you are intelligent and you think you can’t be conned, but you need to know the circus barker has sold you a ticket that is worthless and will only lead you into a dark tent full of dummy ghosts and when you finally emerge from the darkness you will be left only with a few small coins and drained of all self respect.

The next con by the conman will probably come late next week when he gushes over the most beautiful and amazing universal health care plan ever devised. You will rush to your neighbor with the good news, but when you get sick, and you likely will at some point, you will find once again that the conman has conned you. And yet, because you can’t admit it, you will say Trump is the greatest president we have ever had and he has made America Great Again.

The problem will be is that he has made American Great Again for him and his pals. They are the ones who will sit back in their cushy chairs, puff on big Havana Cigars and just before taking a stiff drink of Johnnie Walker Black flash an ol’ grin as big as the Trump Tower (Yes, I know Trump doesn’t drink, but you get the picture).

Sorry for the bad news. I hope you can enjoy today (Sunday) because it’s going to get real hot.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.