You know, Trump is very dishonest man, a thug really, that lives a life based on instincts. He’s blustered and bullied and lied his way through his business life – actually through his whole life – with success, leaving lawsuits, bankruptcies and smaller companies who have worked for him and banks that have loaned him money broken and strewed along the cluttered paths he has left behind.

Trump has no morals and no compulsion to educate himself in anything because he has been successful doing it his way – lying, cheating, bullying and talking his way out of trouble, and lawyering up when that doesn’t work.

He’s grown up this way. His old man (Fred) was the original Orange Clown and he learned well from him how to screw everybody (including young girls and women) and get away with it. He knows no other way. He makes friends and discards those friends as easy as you and I lather butter on a piece of toast

Nothing matters to someone who has no morals to consider, no empathy to consider, you just do what you want to do and screw it if somebody gets hurt, financially or otherwise.

He’s a transactional man who deals in deals and nothing else. He’s not capable of being a president of the United States, but we all must beware of the big bad Orange Man. Because of all the above it’s extremely dangerous to allow him to have a clear path to total power.

He demands total loyalty from everyone, including the media, which is why he’s at war with freedom of the press. He must have total control and because free press is not beholden to power, he slaps at it as fake news.

And he has slapped a lid on the White House and his dealings, he has imposed silence on major departments, most of them that are unfilled with people that are needed to run them because he can’t have too many people doing things he opposes, and as a result this presidency has become the less transparent presidency in my memory. And that is horrifying because I know that dictatorships operate in secrecy because that is the only way to hold on to power.

So as dumb as Trump acts, I believe a lot of it is just that – an act. He’s not capable of being in charge of the most powerful nation in the world only because he sees the world as only what it can give him and not what he can do with the power of the position to help others in the world have better lives and more freedom and liberty.

But even beyond that I believe there is a conspiracy going on with Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon to gut the government, make white nationalism supreme and pull the United States back into a protectionism mode. In short, those two along with Trump are pulling us back into the early 1900s to a time when whites ruled and women had no political power and slavery was still thought of among many, especially in the south, not a bad idea.

I’m not suggesting slavery will come back, but the outlook for African-Americans and other minorities and women is bleak.

I also believe strongly that this attempt at hauling America back away from globalization will not succeed. The modern world cannot be thrust back into the “Twilight Zone” of the early 190s when industrialization came into full force and the robber barons led by Andrew Mellon (banking), John D. Rockefeller (Oil) and Andrew Carnegie (steel) made huge fortunes at the expense of the working class.

The Great Depression followed the Gilded Age and brought us FRR’s New Deal and along with that social security, which is now under attack by the threesome – Miller, Bannon and Trump ‑  that hold power now in the White House.

The reason I don’t believe nationalism will hold here in America is because the world is so much smaller than it once was with the advent of the Informational age. We are all closer now and I can’t foresee those monsters in the White House being able to build walls – figuratively and literally – around us to protect ourselves from perceived enemies, be they immigrants from Muslin countries or Mexicans scurrying across our southern border.

We are now part of a larger world that is smaller, if that makes sense to you, and here is no escape from the ability to purchase goods and services from anywhere in the globe. Walls that are built will only stymie growth and destroy us economically as well as make us outcasts in the larger world.

Trump’s actions on climate and his reckless attempt to disengage in agreements, including trade, has already made us outcasts in the eyes of our Western Allies. Or more precisely, Trump has become a laughing stock.

So, no I don’t see Trump, Miller and Bannon succeeding. However, Trump does have the ability to con people and he has millions of loyal supporters who believe in him even as the majority of Americans and most of world turn away from him, so we could be in for some tough times ahead until the Republicans wake up and do something about him, or until Bob Mueller releases a damaging report, or until the 2018 mid-term elections resemble the majority of Americans who oppose Trump and the Republicans and the Democrats regain control of at least the Senate.

There is no  doubt in my belief that the man who sits in the White House now is the most empty soul and worse president every elected to that most prestigious place of American power.

God help us.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.