I have enough problems (so does Assad) without thinking about the Mariners and the Seahawks

Terry Mosher 2

My life is spiraling out of control and I can’t stop it. It’s my age. The world is speeding up and I’m slowing down. Been doing a little walking and taking a core balance class to regain some control over what I can, but the rest is running away from me.

Do you ever get this way?

It isn’t fun.

Got a daughter in Guatemala on a four-week mission trip, our teenage daughter leaves next week for a 10-day mission trip to Puerto Rico and I’m on a mission to nowheresville. Our son-in-law is sick but keeps working 10-12 hour days trying to establish his pest control business, and school is out next week and that presents a problem with trying to keep our teenage son busy.

The dogs need walking, so do I.

But if I have problems – and I certainly do – what about the rest of the world? Do you think that the crisis in Syria is a fire that is about to get as much out of control as my life?

I do.

It’s not enough that Iran and Hezbollah fighters are now align with Syria regular army troops in the battle against rebels in what is a torrid civil war with obscene atrocities on both sides, but now we are about to enlarge our efforts by sending in military equipment to even the fight.

Do you see a reasonable conclusion to this fight?

Me neither.

If the regime of Bashar Hafez al-Assad wins the fight what does that mean?

It likely means Iran and Hezbollah will be embolden to cause more trouble in co-hoots with Assad, which means trouble for Israel. And that could cause loads of trouble not only for the region but also for the United States, which backs Israel.

And what if the rebels win and Assad is forced to flee?

That could also cause trouble for the United States because who in God’s name will be in control then? It is logically to assume that the battle will continue with many factions fighting to gain control.

Either way, it does not look good.

Then there is the Bible prophecy that predicts End Times and the second coming of Christ that follows Armageddon in the region with huge armies of hundreds of millions converging in a war to end all wars – World War III.

So when I think my life is out of control, all I have to do is look at a map and the latest news from the Middle East and let out of a sigh of relief. My troubles might be large to me, but they are just a couple of specks of dust in the overall picture.

I do find it also difficult to get involved in the discussion over the sinking season the Seattle Mariners are in or the PEDS that have the Seattle Seahawks in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The Mariners caught a genie in a bottle in 1995 when they roared from 13 ½ games down to win the American League West and make the MLB playoffs for the first time. And the real last show of Mariners’ power came in 2001 when if not for an unbelievable blow up against Cleveland they would have broken the Major League record for wins in a season. Instead, they had to be content with tying the 1906 Chicago Cubs for the record at 116.

There is no real answer to what ails the Mariners. Management runs a very tight economic ship over the franchise and it’s difficult to build an instant winner on the backs of high-priced free agents because of it (not counting that most major free agents do not like to play so far out west where the travel and the ability to make money off the field is a killer).

So if the Z Man does not have a lot of wiggle room, it’s tough to put an extra charge or two into the Mariners. And if the young kids don’t pan out as expected, that makes it worse, which has happened.

But at least the Mariners don’t have people shooting at them like they do in Syria.

I can’t speak to the Seahawks. They have become like a religion around here – indeed the NFL has become a religion – and their every move is greeted with thousands of tweets, blogs and shock jock talk on radio over and over. I get tired of hearing the same thing over and over, day after day. It’s not that I don’t like NFL football or the Seahawks, but man, get a life.

Nobody is getting fired on at the VMAC either. So it’s all good, even if there are a few extra PEDs lying around.

I do kind of wonder, however, what would happen if the Mariners got lucky and got into a long winning streak that got them into the playoffs?

What would the Sodo area in Seattle be like if the Mariners were playing a World Series game on the same day the Seahawks were playing a home game at CenturyLink?

And think about this? What would the area be like if sometime in the near future Chris Hansen’s Sonics were playing an NBA home game in his palace while the above was going on?

That begs this question: Where do you go – Sonics, Seahawks, Mariners?

My mind is too filled with other problems to think that one out.

Be well pal.

Have a great day.

You are loved.