To ensure that this is a sports column (when it really isn’t), I’ll start off by predicting the Milwaukee Bucks will be NBA champs, that no local high school will win a state baseball championship this year, continuing a streak that now extends to 31 years for smaller schools, excluding South Kitsap which won in 2015, its fourth in school history.

I’ll also say that the Seattle Mariners will live up to its pre-season billing and lose 100 games. To say the Mariners are sad sacks would be to understate it. Jerry Dipoto didn’t mince words when he said this year would be a “step back” from contention and, boy, he sure underestimated the step back. The Mariners, after a 13-2 start, have stepped back off a cliff.

Other then the fact Dipoto’s band of rag-tag guys can’t hit it, can’t catch it and can’t pitch it, they are doing just fine. These aren’t the 2018 Baltimore Orioles, but they are close.

One of the feel-good stories is that of Doug Baldwin. It would be difficult to find a guy who just on determination and guts built himself a professional football career that will earn him at least a Seattle Seahawks’ Ring of Honor. Not one to mince words, Baldwin carved himself into the regional sports psyche with just not his unusual ability to escape tight defenses and make unbelievable catches, but with his ability to speak truth to power away from the field. You will hear a lot about him in the future now that he is retired from pro football because he is a man who isn’t afraid to put himself out there for the general good of society.

Since I’m at it, I will again say that Wilt Chamberlain was the best player in basketball history. Wilt could do anything he wanted once he set his mind to it. He could break assist records, rebound records and scoring records, depending on what he wanted to concentrate on that particular season.

I also continue to say Elgin Baylor was the best college player and one of the best pro basketball players. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

And as good a shooter as Steph Curry is, and he’s amazing, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen and Downtown Freddy Brown were awful good, too.

But there are more important things for me to talk about. I’m very fearful about our country and I can’t understand how Republicans in Congress continue to support the most treacherous man we have ever had in the White House.

Donald J. Trump, who I call traitor Trump, is an extremely dangerous man who is pushing aside our democracy and piece by piece installing a dictatorship, and very few of our political leaders are doing much about it.

I have some critics who disagree with me and say it isn’t happening. What they fail to see is that you don’t have to declare a dictatorship for a dictatorship to appear. Traitor Trump is slowly building one by packing district courts with judges loyal to him and to right-wing ideology, has gutted the Justice Department, is in control of the Senate through his gatekeeper, Mich McConnell, and now has neutralized the House by refusing to abide by the law the House holds as an independent government body. If he can control the legislative branch, he effectively has control and the power of the total government and there is nothing to stop him from doing what he wants, and already he has done enough harm to us.

Let’s look at that:  He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, has rolled back emission controls, including lowering fuel economy, revoked federal plans for projects to protect against rising sea levels due to climate change, rolled back clean water rules, eased restrictions on drilling and mining to protect the American Sage Grouse, changed rules to put more emphasis on economic concerns when listing endangered species, changed the rules to allow for exposed oil that endanger birds, changed the rules to allow increased logging, drilling and mining on public lands and nationals parks, and he dropped climate change as a national security concern and reduced the size of the EPA and its enforcement power.

Traitor Trump has reduced food stamp program, changed the rules to force poor out of welfare and has put into plan a proposal to make it tough for unions to exist.

And there is the $1.5 trillion tax cut that was a gift to the richest among us and within a year will hurt the middle class and the poor. On top of that, traitor Trump and his Republican allies have proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare to pay for the tax cut.

There is more, but you get the idea. We are in the midst of a revolution that will trim our freedoms, cut our economic lives, and enable the rich – the oligarchs – to gain power with the traitor.

If you are having problem seeing this, you need to take a step back, collect your research and look at the bigger picture. We are not in normal times. We have put in the White House a narcissist who claims he is not just above the law, but above everybody on earth. He is, as some evangelicals like to say, God’s gift to us, and he believes that, too.

A long time ago I read about the traitor saying that he is the only one who can save the world. He, and he alone, has the genes to rule, and even his kids are below him, although he did concede they come next in the order of humanity.

The biggest problem is along with being the most narcissist person on earth, he also is a big-time combined sociopath and psychopath. Look up the definition of  those two and you will be really scared.

There are two things that are very important to this traitor. One, he demands complete loyalty to all those around him. That is why guys like Barr and Rudy have sacrificed their life-long reputations to become dangerous clowns that will do anything, legal or illegal, to serve the master, the traitor.

You turn against the traitor, he will attack you and try to destroy you and your family. You must not only be loyal, but lie for him at all times.

The second thing about the traitor is that money, money, money, is first, second and third to him. Nothing else matters. His every move is based on money, whether it is trying to intimidate China or bully Iran, it is all about money for him. China and Iran must be made to bow to him.

For now, the battle goes on. If the House loses its fight with the traitor, the dictatorship will be in place. May God help us.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.