My first reaction to the Seahawks’ game last night against Minnesota is that the Hawks have a problem in the back end of the defense. My quick second reaction is that the Vikings’ offensive line dominated at times.

Now none of that really matters because I don’t know if what I was seeing was the Hawks’ first unit, a mix of the first unit, or the second and third units and whether the Vikings were playing their top unit.

As the game went on, I also saw a different Paxton Lynch then what I saw in the team’s first exhibition game against Denver.  He was terrific against Denver and terrible against the Vikings.

It looks to me that Lynch hurries all his throws. I know quarterbacks get criticized regularly for holding the ball too long. But Lynch appears to throw quickly, often not giving time for his receiver to get open.

I will say right now that if Geno Smith is healthy he makes the team over Lynch.

Of course, the Seahawks were not playing with their two important guys in the middle of the defense – Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright – so any analysis of the game has to take that into consideration.

For the Seahawks to have good success they need to develop some more receivers. I think they are on the roster, but it’s going to take time for guys like D.K. Metcalf (already out with surgery) and John Ursua (who I like) and Jazz Ferguson (who has potential, but there is something missing) and Keenan Reynolds (who I also like, but may not make the final roster) to develop.

If I was to take a flyer on just these two preseason games I would say the Seahawks will go 9-7. They have some good young talent, but this league is unforgiving. It doesn’t care whether you are young, old or in between, you have to produce on a weekly basis or get lost in the shuffle. It’s going to take some real good coaching to make it all come together.



Does it surprise you that traitor Trump’s personal attorney, William Barr, the pretend attorney general of the United States, has pointed fingers at others over the shocking suicide of Jeffrey Epstein?  I’m not suggesting he didn’t commit suicide, but that others looked the other way to allow him to do it.

So now Barr is going in and cleaning up the mess, a mess that could have been a big mess for many important people, including the traitor. There have been reports for years that the traitor and Epstein were close friends who enjoyed the company of under aged girls.

So it goes.  If you have money and influence almost anything goes. And rarely do those who have the money and influence pay for it.

Epstein was a terrible person, yet people like Bill Clinton and the traitor have been named, among others, who were often in his company.

It would like me having a beer with Hitler. Why would I, or anyone, do that? Why would anyone be friends with Epstein?

We will never know the answers because Barr is wiping the slate clean.



It’s becoming pretty clear after three basketball games in Italy that the Washington Huskies have a possible All-American in 6-foot-9 freshman Isaiah Stewart, who hails from Rochester, NY. He’s been the team’s top scorer in each game with 6-6 sophomore Nahziah Carter, also from Rochester, the second high scorer.

The Huskies are without another possible All-American in 6-9 freshman Jaden McDaniels of Federal Way. McDaniels was left behind on the Italy trip because of personal family issues.

If you are thinking like I am that this is a very talented Husky basketball team, you are correct. It is. But it is also likely that both Stewart and McDaniels are one-and-done players. So don’t get too used to them because they will likely be gone before you can get comfortable in your seats.

The Huskies open the season Oct. 31 with an exhibition against Western Washington and will be tested Nov. 16 in Toronto against Tennessee in the Naismith Hall of Fame Classic.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.