TOP OF THE TOWN – We are reaching the point in the football season to find out just how good or how bad are the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Huskies. The Seahawks are a sketchy 8-2, winning games by the skin of their teeth. In their eight wins they have won by a collective 41 points. That is something that is rarely done, to win by so little and yet post eight wins against just two losses. It’s almost like winning the lottery over and over again, defying all odds. This would be like a cliff-climber eight times losing his/her grip only to be saved each time by a miraculous last second finger catching a hold. Whew, saved again.  Now comes the really tough part. The Seahawks are at Philadelphia Sunday and play the LA Rams and San Francisco 49ers along with Minnesota in four of their remaining six games. That’s a tough row to hoe for a team that has sighed in relief eight times already this NFL season. Early in the year it looked like the Seahawks would go, based on their schedule, 8-8 on the year. Now with the way they have survived time and time again it looks like at the worse a 10-6 season is in the works and 12-4 would not be surprising. Heck, at this point maybe they will go 14-2 and have all their fingers heavily bandaged from catching death-defying holds in the last seconds. Bottom line, though, is they are not as good as their 8-2 record suggests, but they may set a record for miraculous wins. As for the Washington Huskies football team they are every bit as good as their 6-4 record suggests. In other words, they are just slightly an above-average team. It was predicted here early in the season that they would go 8-4 and that is still a possibility, although maybe 7-5 would be more accurate. They should be able to beat Colorado this Saturday, but most likely Mike Leach will get only his second Apple Cup win as the Washington State Cougars beat Washington in their match-up Nov. 29 (Friday) at Husky Stadium. The Huskies are inconsistent at quarterback with Jacob Eason, their secondary is still suspect, and against Leach’s Air Raid offense that could be suicidal. Expect a 41-27 Cougar victory.  That’s it for today.

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