TOP OF THE TOWN – You know we are in a tipping point when it comes to what we should do in this country, and indeed in the world because the coronavirus affects us all. We have a spreading virus in this country that is spreading faster than it should because traitor Trump would not react quickly enough because he is more interested in money and reelection than protecting Americans from a deadly disease. Money has always been a fatal flaw for traitor Trump, and no matter how much his supporters love him for what they think he has done in his life for them, he has done nothing for them. He is in fact a horrible businessman who is the answer to how do you become a millionaire? The answer is to start out with a billion. His reaction to anything is to cloth it in money terms. So here we are with a pandemic that is certain to cost maybe millions of lives globally and all traitor Trump can think is how much will this cost and how can he make money and get reelected? So he wants to restart our economy despite it costing thousands of lives, maybe even more, if he orders it, which seems likely at his point. I wish I could absolutely disagree because as you know I think this guy is as low on the human scale as you can be without falling off of it. He’s not just a bad dude. He’s a horrible human being who lives by the con and his lies. But we are at a crossroads here. I have a degree in economics and know a little bit about how things work. We can shut down our economy to all but essential things and it will cost millions their jobs and bring on a depression that will rival the Great Depression of the 1930s. In the Great Depression there are pictures of people jumping from windows because they lost everything, as did most Americans. My father lived through it and as a result he worked like there was no tomorrow, often toiling 16-hour days and coming home and then working around the house or in the yard. He never missed a day’s work. Never. There were a lot of people in my father’s generation like him. They knew the value of work and money and worked hard not to be without them. So do we go into a total lockdown in this country and flush our economy down the toilet? Or do we go back to work in some semi-fashion and put millions of Americans at risk for death? This is as much a moral question as an economic one. If we do nothing we are in danger of having a failed nation, and probably a failed global economy. Do we want that? My father would say no. Me, I don’t know? So you can see I sort of agree with traitor Trump that something needs to be done, but at what expense do we do it? I don’t want people to die. Yet if we don’t do something to help the economy we are also doomed. If I could trust Congress to do the right thing and pour bailout money to American families directly, I would suggest doing that. But already there is a partisan divide. The Republicans want to set up a $500 billion slush fund that can be used at the discretion of traitor Trump and the Democrats want the money to go directly to American families. What bothers me most about this bill being discussed in Congress as I write this is where are we getting all this money? Traitor Trump, who has failed multi-times in his businesses despite cheating, lying and abusing our laws, has increased our national debit to upper limits never before reached, and now we are poised to spend over a trillion more? We are going to be broke as a country soon, or at the least an inflation will sit in that will wipe many of us out. I don’t know. We are in a fine pickle, as W.C. Fields might have said. I can only pray, or my fellow citizens and for our leaders. Even traitor Trump. Stay safe my fellow friends.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.