TOP OF THE TOWN ‑The one thing that overrides everything else when it comes to traitor Trump is that he cannot work with people. No, people have to work for him. In other words, he has to be in control. He has to be the king and the only one who knows best. He knows more than anybody, the doctors, the generals, more about the coronavirus. His narcissism is so ultra that unless you bow down to him, you are an enemy. This is why he is a terrible person to lead the fight against the coronavirus. Normally, you would think the leader of the free world would surround himself with the best experts available to advise him. But because of his ultra narcissism, he doesn’t need them because he knows more than they know. This is why thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, will die unnecessary. He won’t, he can’t, help those states or those governors who voted against him or said bad things about him. They are the enemy. It is why the federal government won’t unlock the ventilators that are in stock and send them out where needed. Only traitor can unlock the stock pile. And he will do it only on his time and his place. If you kiss his butt he might do it. Everything in the federal government has to be run through the traitor. He has gutted or eliminated the agencies what would have helped fight this virus because he had to be in control. It’s why he appoints acting secretaries to various cabinet posts. They don’t have to be confirmed by Congress and he controls them. They don’t do anything without his approval. He’s basically a dictatorship, a dictatorship who doesn’t know what the hell he is doing, although he will tell you he’s the greatest. It’s so sad that our people have to go through this with him in charge. He is why the virus continues to spread across our land. He is why thousands will die.