TOP OF THE TOWN  ‑ I get tired of slamming Trump piece by piece and have people argue for him over each piece. So let’s do this: step back each one of you that love and support this crook, view his entire body of work from the time he was just a kid living in the shadow of his father, Fred, put that picture in a mosaic and if you still can’t see what I and the majority of Americans see then there is nothing left to do. You are helpless. The guy is a bad, bad dude, and that is me being really nice to him. What galls me is that we are used to our Presidents operating inside the laws and Constitution even when they do things that are right up to that fine line between illegal and legal. We went to war in the Middle East based on false assumptions Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Many of us have come to believe that it was a pure invention so as to provide legal cover to make war.  Illegal? No. We went to war in Vietnam because of the confrontation in the Gulf of Tonkin (two U.S. destroyers were apparently fired upon by North Vietnam forces) and that was used as the basis for us to become more directly involved in Vietnam. We have since learned that then President Lyndon Johnson was itching to go to war with North Vietnam five months before, but this reported incident in the Gulf of Tonkin gave him political cover. Illegal? No. We are used to being misled into scraps but for the most part our leaders work within a defined political system and are often stopped by the norms, rules and regulations, our laws and Constitution. It is because of the Constitution that we have survived 244 years as a Constitutional Republic. We have had our flaws and suffered scars, but have managed to come through intact despite having to endure a costly Civil War. Now we are in the most deadly war in our history. We are under attack from our leader. Who would have thunk it, as Dizzy Dean often said when he was a national sports broadcaster. Indeed, who would have thunk it. This guy in the White House has spent all of his life outside the norms, the rules, the regulations and the laws. When he occasional operated within the law he did so because he took advantage of the law to screw his opponent whether it was a contractor he had hired, a city he was battling, a county he was fighting or a state he was thumbing his nose at. He has always fought against the rules when it serves him to do so. He is brazen about it and has a mantra that he will never admit to anything and will always blame somebody else. When confronted with a lie, he doubles down. Remember what JFK said at his presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, 1961? “Ask not what your country can do for your, ask what you can do for your country.” This guy says, “Ask not how you can screw your country, just screw it by any means.” He’s a grifter who is ripping off our country. He’s a grafter that cares for only thing – him. I have to give him credit for being the best carnival barker in our history. He’s the supreme conman. He could con an old lonely widow out of her meager pension. And he would. He’s brilliant as a grafter, conman, reality show star, and marketer. A horrible mistake was made, the worst in our 244-year history, when his con was bought and he was elected to a post he was vastly under qualified for. But in true and pure grafter form, he has made the most out of it. Day after day he works his con in a soothing voice that mesmerizes. There isn’t a lie too brazen, too outrageous. If questioned on a lie, he will attack. “That is a rude question,” he will say and add, “You are fake news.” So we are stuck with the nation’s most historical conman ‑ a grifter heads and shoulders above all the great grifters before him – who has a historical bundle of cash stored to make a closing argument in November that could make him the King of King’s. He will become that king, too, if we haven’t learned to fight fire with fire. He’s not going to play by the norms, the rules, the regulations, the law or the Constitution and will use all his grifter power to win reelection. There is only one way to stop this disaster and that is to stand up to this grifter, this bully, and slap him down. He needs to be humiliated. Throw all his life in his face and make him answer for his self. Show the world what a conman, a grifter he is. Take off all the gloves, bare-knuckle him into a corner and whale away. I would send a truth squad behind him all over the country. When he holds one of his theater’s of the absurd rallies, counter with a truth squad rally on the same street corner. Throw his words back at him, throw his grifter life at him. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.