TOP OF THE TOWN – I wrote a long time ago Seattle needs to give up on Jadeveon Clowney. It is quite obvious Clowney doesn’t want to play in Seattle, despite favorable sentiments he made last year. If a player takes three months to make a decision on where to play, he doesn’t have the emotional and mental attitude to play for you. So don’t sign him. I go back to 1953 when Pittsburgh Pirates ‘Branch Rickey cut Ralph Kiner’s salary to $75,000 after the Pirates lost 112 games in 1952. Kiner was very upset. Rickey stopped that by telling Kiner, “Son, we can finish last without you.” The Seahawks will probably not finish last, but they don’t need Clowney to avoid it…. It’s long overdue for NASCAR to ban the Confederate Flag from its races and property’s. I got turned off from watching their races years and years ago because I thought it was a hot-bed for Southern Racism with those flags flowing in the wind like nothing had been settled with the end of the Civil War in 1865. Treasonous men, including Robert E Lee, turned on the United States, built a separate country government and designed and flew their own flag. (By the way, Trump sees nothing wrong with the flag and statues to Confederate men standing in southern states.He sees his stance as good for his reelection, appealing to his racist basee He). South lost the war. The North won. Banish that flag. I have seen a Confederate Flag in the back of trucks near where I live. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong. So NASCAR, I applaud you. We are at a turning point in race relations in our country and we need to unite and heal to fight off the people (like Trump) who divide us instead of trying to unite us. Lose those flags. Burn them. We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not the divided states of America. Get in line to receive some hugs and love. Take your hate and divisiveness and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. That goes for our fraudulent President, too… Some NBA players are resisting the plan to play games for 22 teams in the Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney world in Orlando. I get it. It’s complicated for them and their families because they would be isolated (almost held hostage because of concerns of spreading the virus). According to a report by ESPN’s Adrain Wojuarowski, players would have no visitors and if they left the “bubble” they would have to be quarantined for 10 days upon their return. Players are also concerned about the on-going protests for justice for blacks and I’m sure some would like to take part in them to show not only their solidarity but show real support for a cause that is well overdue to finally break the neck of social racism in this country. Players would also not be paid for games they missed and if a player decides not to participate he would be replaced by a substitute and would not be eligible for the rest of the season. Like everyday life, this is all about money. The NBA wants to stop the financial bleeding and I would assume most players would like to get some more paychecks. So I get that. But this looks like the league is putting a small band aid on a massive injury. They will play in an empty arena and the picture I get is that players will just go through the motions. Yeah, it will be basketball but basketball with one hand tied behind their backs. But money is money is money. So they will play. Sort of….We will have fall high school sports in this state. That was reaffirmed by the WIAA, the governing body for state sports. Will games have fans? The WIAA did not say. Amid all of this, we are being warned the virus will return in full force this fall. This could get interesting. I will not be cleared of paranoia until we get a vaccine for the virus. I have so many underlying health issues that I’m setting a World Book of Guinness record. It is my only claim to fame. Take care.

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