TOP OF THE TOWN – It won’t work. Bullshit walks and money talks. Money is talking now as pro sports teams and college teams scratch their heads and wonder how they can make money in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. They are looking at anything – ANYTHING – to make it work so they can make the money.  While they do that, Trump is telling his people everything is wonderful, the virus will magically disappear so go out and get to work, get the economy rolling again so I can get reelected. If you die, no big deal you aren’t that good anyway, he says. Besides, other than your vote for him, he could give a rat’s ass about you, your mother, grandmother and your dog. Especially your dog. Hey, by the way, has he done anything yet to punish the Russians for putting a bounty on American Soldiers? Just wondering. Like Trump’s exhortations, sports teams are working hard to make some money. The NBA will have that bubble in Orlando (good luck with that), the NFL is planning on having its season on time and the MLB is going to hold a 60-game season that makes as much sense as a horse in a tree. Let’s tackle these problems. In 1918 during the deadly Spanish Flu baseball continued to its World Series. People were falling over on city streets and dying on the spot and baseball flouted the danger. Players got sick, players died. Tell me, how do you protect players when they handle so much equipment, including a ball? The teams will also travel, albeit shorter distances as MLB has divided the competition into regions. I say when the first players come down with the virus and maybe die, baseball will back off? Won’t they? Is money worth more than lives? We’ll see. The NBA’s bubble might work. But what that promises is a bubble so tight the invisible virus won’t be able to penetrate it. Ha ha, that is funny. All it takes is for one player to bring it into the bubble and because the players are quarantine all together it would spread like a California wildfire. Football. I don’t see how you can play football and not risk a wide spread of the virus. There are so many moving parts to a football practice and the games that it’s unavoidable that the virus would ride unhindered through a roster. I get it that people need to work to pay mortgages, bills and provide food and comfort to their families. But at what risk? It’s almost amusing to me if it weren’t so tragic that this virus comes to America at the exact time when we have become divided as a nation, thanks to the hate and racism of one Donald Trump. It’s a perfect storm that has hit us when we need the most to be united in strength to fight this off. If we had a true leader that would lead us we could come together despite our political differences and like we did in World War II unite our efforts to show the world what good we can do when we present a united front full of compassion, love and energy. My solution to all of this is to as leader of this country tell the sports teams to shut it down until we can defeat this invisible enemy. Then we assemble all the world’s great scientists and health experts and determine how we fight forward. Whatever we come up with, that is what we will do. We do it united – red states, blue states, purple states – all unite together and fight back. We take care of each other and use compassion and love and strike a fatal blow against this virus. When the virus is cleared, then we go get back to work and repair the damage to the soul of our nation and to the souls of us as individuals. What our country desperately needs and wants is love.  Let’s get to it.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.a comfort