For years I used to be at the top or near the top in our annual Guest Guesser that was in the Sun on a weekly basis during he football season. This one does not have the high schools because they have been shut down for now because of COVID-19.  This is the top 25 (10 colleges and 15 pros) game this weekend. I am a little out of touch with football right now, but I’ll get into it as this goes along. You can play along. Just don’t beat me





Tulsa at No. 11 Oklahoma State (OS big)

Austin Peay at No. 13 Cincinnati (Cin)

No. 19 Louisiana at Georgia State (Louisiana)

Syracuse at No. 25 Pittsburgh (Pitt)

No. 14 South Florida at Georgia Tech (SF)

No. 23 Appalachian at Marshall (App)

The Citadel at No. 1 Clemson (Clemson)

No. 17 Miami at No. 18 Louisville (Miami)

Boston College at Duke (Duke)

Navy at Tulane (Navy)



New England at Seattle (Seattle)

New York Giants at Chicago (Chicago)

Atlanta at Dallas (Dallas)

Detroit at Green Bay (GB)

Jacksonville at Tennessee (Jack)

Minnesota at Indianapolis (Minn)

Buffalo at Miami (Buffalo)

San Francisco at New York Jets (SF)

Los Angeles Rams at Philadelphia (Rams)

Denver at Pittsburgh (Pitt)

Carolina at Tampa Bay (TB)

Washington at Arizona (Wash)

Kansas City at San Francisco Chargers (KC)

Baltimore at Houston (Baltimore)

New Orleans at Las Vegas (NO) Monday night