TOP OF THE TOWN – So the Washington Football Team released Bremerton-born Alex Smith after a heart-to-heart talk between him and coach Ron Rivera. Under the CBA that the NFL operates his release – reports indicate Smith asked for it – was all but guaranteed. He’s 37-year-old and is back from an injury that was life-threatening and, most important, would have counted $24.7 million against the salary cap if the team would have agreed to bring him back. As it is, his release saves the team $14.9 million against the cap by releasing him with two years left on his contract. The salary cap in the NFL is a drag. I’m sure the owners love it. It prevents them from bowing to pressure and spending wildly for players. Without the cap you would have big-market teams – New York Giants and Jets and Dallas for sure – could outspend many of the other teams in the league and probably dominate like the New York Yankees did for years in baseball and the Los Angeles Dodgers are starting to now. Teams like Seattle and Kansas City would not stand a change in the wild-wild west of outrageous spending. The cap ensures that there won’t be any dynasties born, although New England came close with Tom Brady. So with the salary cap in place the league gains some sort of equality. Green Bay is the smallest media market yet it annually sits among the best teams in the league. Without the cap, the Packers would probably have to pack it in. I hate the cap. So it would be more difficult for Green Bay (or Seattle) to compete against the league giants like Dallas, the two New York teams, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, but, hey, it would be fun, If you are a competitor going against the best (the richest) would be fun and even more fun when you beat them. Screw the cap. Go for it. Let the good times roll. As it is now good players – pro bowl players – get released all the time because they make too much and teams release them or trade them to get relief with the salary cap. That’s the main reason Smith is no longer with the Washington Football Team. He is too expensive and it’s easy to blame his age 37 and his terrible injury for his release. So maybe the Seahawks could pick him up for change as a backup to Wilson. I doubt it, but it’s worth a thought. Smith still wants to play and he would be a fit somewhere. He’s too good to overlook. Deshaun Watson’s battle with the Texans has to be sorted out before other quarterbacks get shuffled about, and that includes Smith. … While I’m at it, I wish the Mariners would go for it this season instead of dickering around. They keep stepping back from saying they are committed to winning. I want them to play the youngsters. Go for it. We’ll start with pitching. Justin Dunn, Marco Gonzales, James Paxton, Justus Sheffield, Logan Gilbert and Yusei Kikuchi will be my six-man starting rotation. The bullpen will be selected from the 20 or so guys general manager Jerry Dipoto will round up after a night on the town. My catchers are Cal Raleigh and Tom Murphy. Evan White is at first, Dylan Moore at second, J.P. Crawford at short and Kyle Seager at third. Kyle Lewis is in center flanked by Jarred Kelenic in left and Julio Rodriguez in right. Let them play. Let them sink or swim. Put some bluster into the mustard. Enough of this.  Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.