TOP OF THE TOWN – First I have to say that I didn’t expect the Seattle Storm to blow away host Connecticut today (Sunday, June 13).  As I write this the Storm is up by 26 points with just over two minutes to go. I know Connecticut is without one of its big guns and its head coach, who is serving a one-game suspension. But, wow, maybe I’m wrong thinking the Storm is only the third best team in the WNBA, behind Connecticut and Las Vegas. But this is why I don’ gamble. What I wanted to talk about is being an underdog. I have always liked the role of being the underdog. Being one motivates me. I used to love it when the crowd at one of my games back 100 years ago would get all over my team and me. I absolutely loved it. It fired me up. I also liked to go against the best. The Storm, by the way, just won 89-66 and now is 10-2, the best record in the league. If I had had the ability to play in the NBA I would have wanted to go against LeBron James. He probably would have beaten me up, but I would have loved the challenge. I think it’s an honor to do the improbable. I would never back away from a tough task. I would bore in and do the best I could and let the chips fall where they may. The original reason I bring up underdog is because I very much recommend watching “Lupin” on Netflix. I’ve seen both Part I and Part 2 and am anxious for Part 3 to be released. The show is set in Paris (don’t worry, English is spoken) and features a man (Lupin) focused on salvaging the honor of his late father, falsely accused of stealing the Queens necklace. He is literally the underdog and fights forces on both sides (police and the evil-doers). It’s thrilling and has had me on the edge of my chair. That same underdog force that propels Lupin also propels me. I know I’m a voice in the wilderness when it comes to politics in America. The people who hear me about the criminality of 45 are few in relative terms. But I’m not going to be deterred. There is right and there is wrong. And If I’m hung by my toes I will not be silenced at what 45 represents and how extremely dangerous he is to our constitution and to our country. In simple terms, we are looking at a battle between good (Joe Biden) and evil (45) because the Republican Party is afraid of the bully and have capitulated to him, sending the party in to a tailspin of radicalization and weirdness and anti-democracy tones. In plain terms, the party has succumbed to Nazi-style fascism. Our country teeters on the edge and should the Republicans gain control of the House and Senate in mid-terms, we are doomed. I know, I know, that you are thinking 45 will be charged and convicted of numerous misdeeds, including rape, in cases pending across our great land and that will end this madness. I’m scared, though, that like he has all his life he will escape the charges. He’s like a greased pig that always slips away. Will he slip away once again? In his four years in the White House he corrupted so many of our institutions, most famously the Justice Department, I don’t know if they can ever be cleaned out. His attack on our elections is out of the Putin Playbook and is costing us legitimacy. Many of our fellow citizens already don’t trust the elections because of 45. Its in essence ripped at the fabric of our democracy and while Biden is doing well in repairing our image with our allies, there is still in the back of their minds whether the damage that has been done by 45 can be repaired, or even if he may return to finish the damage. I realize I’m the underdog in this scenario. But it’s a situation that I enjoy. I want to yell in the wilderness, over and over and over. You may not hear me. You may not want to hear me. But I’m not going away.  This man (45) is the worse human being, worse than Hitler, and I don’t underestimate his ability to rev up people to do things they would not otherwise do. He’s a commanding presence among millions and they see him as their savior. I see him as a fat conman sociopath that is the enemy of not just our people but people all over the world. He alone could bring down our democracy and start a drift to authoritarianism that could ensnare the world in war nobody wins. We must throw all our support to Biden and his administration and, for God’s sake, we must kill the filibuster so the Democrats can overcome 45 and his Republican allies and pass legislation that will help us Americans, and America itself. We can’t dither, we must be proactive, we must yell into the wilderness because what is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. And 45 is wrong. Horribly wrong. Try to stay safe and keep the light on.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.