TOP OF THE TOWN – I’m getting tired waiting for 45 to be indicted. How many people do you know that tried to overthrow a government and got away with it? I’m waiting. In a banana republic they shoot the offender. Line ‘em up and mow them down. In the United States in the year of 2021 the guy is still free, giving speeches at rallies of the faithful and resides in comfort at his various luxuries gold-plated resorts while plotting with fellow Republican leaders to overthrow ‑still – elections in swing states. The man is a clear and present danger to us. Yet, there he is playing golf and pulling strings behind the scenes to destroy the last vestiges of a democracy he nearly killed on January 6. What else can 45 do before U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland decides to indict him? The Republican Party all across the country is passing or proposing laws that will restrict voting rights, especially of browns and blacks who traditionally vote Democratic, to make it easier for Republicans and most dangerously 45 to win future elections. He is right, 45 is, that he could go out on 5th avenue in New York City, shoot somebody, and his poll numbers would go up. Since he was elected in 2016 hate crimes have risen, which is not surprising considering 45 spews hatred on a daily basis and his supporters listen. Hate crimes rose 17 percent in 2017 alone, and it has risen every year since. It’s easy to access what is going on here. Money begets power and more money begets more power. Authorities are scared of 45. Why do you think the Trump organization and not 45 was charged with tax crimes? Bleep, the Trump Organization is 45. He is a one-man band. So charge the one-man band. No, too scared to do that? There is a fear that to charge him would incite his supporters into a civil war. So, bleep, let me get this straight. You are letting 45 be above the law because he might do something terrible to the country? What the bleep do you think you are doing by not charging him? What the bleep do you think will happen if he is allowed to run again for President? The Republican Party is rigging future elections so it’s probable that he will win despite the vast majority of Americans voting against him. So stop this ugly train. Indict the man. Grow a pair. Hit him, and hit him hard. And you better do it now, not later. Later is too late. Stay safe. I’m outta here.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.