TOP OF THE TOWN ­– The chances the Seahawks make the playoffs is slim to none. First, the Hawks have to win all five remaining games to finish 9-8, but even that dream finish brings no guarantee. They might be able to beat the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans (this Sunday), but have to face the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals on the road. It’s a daunting task in the best of times, but these are not the best of times for a Hawks’ team that has not played up to expectations, and that is being nice about it. They are four games behind the Rams for a wild card and being real they are not going to catch them. The Hawks are two games behind the 49ers and Washington for the second of three wild cards from the NFC. Even if they caught Washington they would lose the tie-breaker because Washington beat the Hawks. Catching the 49ers would result in a wild card for the Hawks since they have beaten the 49ers in both games they have played and would have the tie-breaker. But catching them is not going to be easy. The 49ers play the Bengals on the road and the Falcons and Texans at home. All three are winnable games for the 49ers. They play the Rams and Titans on the road and it’s possible they could lose them. So the reality is the Hawks have a chance, slim as it may be, to catch the 49ers. The problem becomes severe though because they also have to catch the Saints, Panthers, Falcons and Vikings that all have one-game edge on the Hawks.  Because the Hawks lost to the Vikings, Saints and Titans those teams have the tie-breaker on them. That makes it almost impossible to get a wild card berth. It would take a small miracle. So unless you believe in miracles, the Hawks are not going to the playoffs. I’ll tell you right now what team is going to playoffs and maybe even win the Super Bowl. That is the New England Patriots, who have won seven straight and are 9-4 and leading the AFC East. Bill Belichick is one heck of a coach. What I find impressive about him is that year after year his teams have a great offensive line. I understand quarterbacks make or break football teams, but if you put a mediocre offensive line in front of a great quarterback, greatness becomes good. Ask Russell Wilson about this. If I was tasked with building a football team from scratch the first thing I would do is make sure I have a great offensive line. Then add a quarterback and work on your defense. Belichick has great offensive lines. Tom Brady is maybe the best ever to play the game, but if you have watched you know that he almost always had all day to throw. He could eat his breakfast and his lunch before throwing a pass. Same for rookie QB Mac Jones… He’s got all day to make decisions because he has a great line in front of him. The Seahawks have not had a good offensive line since before the dawn of time when they had Steve Hutchinson and Walter Jones blocking up front. They went to a super bowl in 2005 with those two guys. People say Pete Carroll is a great coach, but if he is so great why can’t he put together a great offensive line? How does Belichick do it year after year and Carroll can’t? … You know I don’t like Jim Harbaugh. He seems like a front-running jerk to me. But I do think he’s finally got it going at Michigan. And I think he will win the national championship.  Michigan is an underdog to Georgia in the semifinals, but I think the Wolverines will ground pound the Bulldogs into defeat and then will whip Alabama in the title game… Yes, I’m assuming Alabama will beat Cincinnati. I may be far out on this prediction, but I sense Harbaugh has finally got over the hump at Michigan. I wish it wasn’t so, but my gut tells me it is so. Ok, that is enough for today. Stay safe.

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