Things I learned from last weekend’s NFL playoffs



TOP OF THE TOWN ‑  Things I learned from last weekend’s NFL playoffs: Don’t  ride with the Giants, Philadelphia is much better than so-called shock jocks on TV believe, Joe Burrow is the best quarterback overall in the league, Buffalo’s Josh Allen can throw the football across the Grand Canyon, but he and his teammates need a coach more founded in offensive schemes, Dak Prescott cannot  take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl and is extremely overpaid, the 49ers’ linebacker Fred Warner is one heck of a player and a team leader and the 49ers are loaded. Kansas City is great offensively, but is their defense good enough to win a Super Bowl? I picked the Giants to beat Philadelphia and could not have been more wrong then if I had picked Floyd Patterson to beat Sonny Liston (I did not; Patterson was no match for the angry one). The Giants looked real good early in the season while rolling to a 6-1 start. But after losing to the Seahawks (27-13) in late October lost their way until the last few weeks of the regular season when even a 22-16 loss to Philadelphia gave me hope they could knock off the Eagles. But the Eagles just smashed them and called into question again if quarterback Daniel Jones can be a franchise guy. I don’t think so now.  Joe “Mr. Cool” Burrow just keeps getting better and better and has a very good team around him. He out played Allen, making Allen look like a frightened little boy thrown to the wolves. Buffalo needs to revamp its offensive schemes and weapons to match what it has on the defensive side. Prescott is a real nice guy, but he is grossly overpaid ($40 million average for four years). I don’t mind him taking Jerry Jones’ money (I don’t like Jones’ Republican stance; he loves Trump and gives money to him and Republicans), but he is not worth what he is being paid (he missed seeing what could have been a long TD pass that might have turned the game around against the 49ers) and maybe Cooper Rush would be better in the starter’s role The 6-3 230-pound Warner is a freak of nature. He can cover receivers and is a cement fence in the middle of the 49ers’ defense. The 26-year-old Warner can run like a deer and attack like an angry bear. He solidifies the 49ers’ defense, which is the best in the NFL. As for the Chiefs, they can score on anybody. However, Mr. Everything, Patrick Mahomes, suffered a high ankle sprain against the 49ers and if he plays against Cincinnati (he says he will) will not be at 100 percent. High ankle sprains usually take from 6-8 weeks to recover from, but this is Mahomes who does the unbelievable week after week and if he says he will play, he will play. Cincinnati and Burrow have beaten the Chiefs the last three times they have met and I think that trend continues. I take Burrow and the Bengals to outlast injured Mahomes and the Chiefs. The Bengals are better than people think and with Burrows under center the impossible becomes the possible. If the same Philadelphia team that destroyed the Giants shows up against Warner and the 49ers, I like them to win. But the NFL is like a Roulette Wheel in your favorite casino, it goes round and round and where it stops is anybody’s guess. You should take defense over offense when it comes this late in the football season. That favors the 49ers. Besides, the 49ers are pretty good on offense, too. I know in my heart I should pick the 49ers, but I’m going with the Eagles, who have started out as the favorite in most books. The latest I saw was Philadelphia by 2.5 points. That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

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