TOP OF THE TOWN – I’ve said this before, but the salary cap in the NFL is strange. Teams have to leave room for additions to the roster, which means it takes pre-planning in years to make it work. Teams that don’t manage it well – and that seems to be just about every team – and have to make tough decisions because they have to meet the demands of the cap by cutting good player that have the top salary contracts. The Seahawks have had to scramble and already released two good players – Shelby Harris and Quinton Jefferson to make room under the cap. Exploding quarterback and wide receiver salaries are causing a lot of cap problems for a lot of teams.‑ the Giants signed QB Daniel Jones for $160 million over four years (what?) and wide receiver Tyree Hill signed a four-year deal with Miami for $120 million. I believe Charles Barkley when he recently said that NFL players, likely quarterbacks, will be paid $60-70 million a year in a few years. I don’t mind players making that kind of money (the NFL makes billions a year), but it pales compared to the $20 an hour you make. … Speaking of money, Washington elected to bring back basketball coach Mike Hopkins for another year. The decision apparently was made because the UW could not afford the $6.3 million over the next two years left on Hopkins’ contract if they fired him. That’s a heck of a reason for keeping him. So we are in for at least one more season of 50-50 ball from the Huskies while we wait for Hopkins’ contract to expire. The Huskies under Hopkins in recent seasons couldn’t hit the side of a barn if they threw the basketball at it from 10 feet away. Watching Husky basketball is like watching a peewee game involving six year olds. They try hard but can’t hit the side of a barn. Hopkins is a real nice guy, but you don’t get bonus points for being nice. When Hopkins said he hoped to return most of the players from this year’s team, I about threw up…. I’m tired of Aaron Rodgers playing mind games. His ego is about as big as Donald Trump. Which makes sense since he likes Trump. Rodgers could have said months ago what he was going to do. But he likes the spotlight. So he kept us all guessing so he could hug the headlines. I think he’s making a mistake in becoming a New York Jet. New Yorkers will eat him alive. They don’t like weirdoes, especially intelligent ones like Rodgers. He will get smacked around in New York. He should have stayed in small town Green Bay. .. If you are looking to root for an underdog do it with the Washington State women’s basketball team. They just might make a deep run in March Madness. … The United States is going to get its baseball spikes handed to them in the World Baseball Classic. Put your money on Japan. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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