You can bash me if you want, but I picked against both the Seahawks and the Huskies in this weekend’s football games in the Seattle Times Guest Guesser.  I know that is against the sports religion of many in our region, but I’m not a blind faith guy who believes that you have to religiously support teams that are here.

Of course, being a long time sportswriter you learn not to cheer for the local teams that you are covering. You always like a winner, but sometimes you have to be realistic and go with the team that you think has a better chance at victory.

So in the Seahawks game Sunday at Tennessee I see the Hawks having their wings clipped by a team that is on the rise and will give the Seahawks fits, especially if the offensive line continues to be a major problem.

One major sports blog has the Seahawks a three-point dog. The Titans got a monster game last week from back-up running back Derrick Henry, a 6-3, 238-pounder in his second year from Alabama. He gained 92 yards last Sunday in a 37-9 win over Jacksonville after the Titans No. 1 back DeMarco Murray went down with an injury. He will be counted on heavily against the Seahawks, who will also have to defend against quarterback Marcus Mariota, who is getting better and better and better.

Until the Seahawks show me they can put together a good game with that horrible offensive line, I’m sticking with them to lose.

As for the Huskies, I don’t believe their young secondary, as talented as everybody says it is, has yet to be really tested. That will change Saturday when Colorado throws a seasoned quarterback – Steven Montez – and three excellent receivers at them. Montez has already thrown for nearly 1,000 yards (858) with six touchdowns.

Bruce Bobo has caught 21 passes for two touchdowns, Shay Fields has 19 receptions for two more scores and Devin Ross has caught 14 balls for one TD. In addition, Jay McIntyre has six catches for 96 yards and a score.

And the Buffalos can run the ball, too. Phillip Lindsay has rushed for 378 yards and three touchdowns and has caught four balls for 38 yards.

And the Buffalos have two other things going for them. They have won eight in a row at home (Folsom Field) and last lost at home on Oct. 3, 2015 to Oregon (41-23).

Also, the Buffalos are still smarting from the 41-10 pasting they took at the hands of the Huskies last December in the Pac-12 championship game in Santa Clara, Calif.

So even through the Huskies are favored by Las Vegas betting parlors by up to 12 points, I’m going with the Buffalos to strain the Husky young secondary and pull off the upset.

That’s it for today. See you around.

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