By Patti Ryles

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I got to Dave’s room right at lunchtime so his nurse let him eat in his room with me instead of with the  “progressive” group. Dave ate his pumpkin pie first then his pureed turkey, stuffing, etc.  He had a good appetite and finished everything on his plate.  They have discontinued the feeding tube except for his meds and he has gained 7 lbs. in the last month.
He is still in the wheelchair. He is walking a little in PT with a cane in one hand and holding on to the wall rail with the other. He says all of his therapists tell him what a good job he’s doing. He equates this with coming home and everyday he asks me where his car is because he has to get to work and then come home.  Sometimes he’ll just ask me if I’m picking him up now and still doesn’t really understand why he can’t come home.

I’m working with a placement rep, Melissa, who is helping to find an adult home for Dave. She met with Dave last week and told me he just can’t live at home because of the danger to himself and others. His coverage at the nursing home ends around January 10 and without Medicare paying a portion there’s no way he can continue there.

So Melissa is trying to find an adult home within 20-30 minutes of Duvall. I’m going with her in two weeks to look at some options. I have no idea how Dave with deal with the move and what I will tell him.

Dave turns 67 on November 30 and I’m having a little party for him on Saturday, December 2 for family. He is way too young for all of this to be happening to him.  He just wants to come home.