I think I finally have Donald Trump figured out. Yeah, I know, it took me long enough. It probably won’t stray far from what you have figured out, either. And it goes without saying that his election is not good for this country.

He is, at the core, a showman. A very, very narcissistic showman. He is a one-man reincarnation of the famous Barnum & Bailey Circus. Trump is everything that Barnum & Bailey was plus added functions of deceit and lies. Trump can’t help himself. Everything he does is for a show and is all about him.

Trump is, in effect, the Greatest Show on Earth. Whether you like that show or not, it doesn’t matter. He puts on his rallies and in them he unleashes a stream of consciousness that often makes little sense, is full of deceit and lies, but because he is a showman it’s quite a show and people that go to them eat it up. He’s conning them, even if he does not deliberately use a con, and it works – they love him. And the more they love him, the bigger he grows, the bolder he becomes.

Looking back, it’s easy for me to see how he won the election. Poor Hillary Clinton had no chance. None. She is not the easiest person to like for many reasons, including an air of entitlement, but it seemed like many of the power players were against her — Bernie Sanders and the Russians (Putin detests her). And her staff ran a terrible campaign, ignoring the realities of a deep political split in urban and rural areas in our country. And it didn’t help that James Comey did something he should have never done.

So we had a great narcissistic showman pitted against a person (Clinton) that had so many things against her, including being a woman trying to break through the glass ceiling.

The showman was, and is, immensely unqualified to hold a federal office much less the presidency and in the greatest upset since Truman defeated Dewey, the showman prevailed.

Because the showman lacks qualities to hold office, his administration so far has been a chaotic joke. The narcissistic in him does not allow for anybody – none, nobody – to upstage him so that prevents people being hired for jobs that they are qualified for. He can only stand for people who profess undying loyalty to him (not the country) and so we have the Ben Carson’s of the world running departments when they normally would not be allowed into the building unless, maybe, they were there to mop the floors and clean out the trash.

The showman is not a unifier. He is a divider. He can’t tolerate people who oppose him so he only puts on rallies in red states for the people who already love him. He will not in any future time show up in Washington State and hold a rally. So he continues to divide us from the bully pulpit, irritating the reasonables and inciting the deplorables Clinton described in one of her many stupid uttering’s on the campaign trail.

The showman also has figured out that how to manipulate Republican leadership in Congress and far-right evangelists as a way to strengthen his grip on power. Stephen Miller is also still in the White House and acting as one of his senior advisors on policy. Miller is skilled at playing the showman and has him leaning to the far right in policy decisions.

All you need to know about Miller is that he once was the communications director for slimy Jeff Sessions, when he was a Senator, and also was press secretary to another nut job, Michele Bachmann.

It is Miller that has pushed for restricting immigration from Muslim countries and has pushed the false claim of electoral fraud. He is very much as dangerous as the showman.

Trump will likely survive the Mueller investigation and the probe into his sexual predator life with Stormy Daniels and others. As long as the Republicans hold power in Congress, there will be no impeachment. The Republicans are holding up this unqualified showman because it is to their advantage while the showman has power to enact their legislation that is leaning far right, despite the simple truth that it is ruining our country. Tax cuts that benefit the rich and harm the middle class and poor has already been implemented and now there is a stated plan to trash what they call entitlements like social security and Medicare that will further destroy safety nets for millions.

Meanwhile, the Showman continues to hold rallies, continues to lie and deceit and eventually the country will wind up like many of his businesses did – in bankruptcy.

May God help us.

Sorry to take such a sad and terrible drift today. But somebody has to tell the truth. The sun just came out so maybe we will have a wonderful day, and that may take some of the sting away.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.