DeBoer jumping ship sucks, but can you blame him?



TOP OF THE TOWN‑ The more I think about it the more that I am mad DeBoer jumped the Husky ship after two wonderful years. On the other hand I don’t think I could have turned down Alabama if they had come after me. It is the top job in college football and pays well. So what is not to like? It sucks though, from a Husky perspective. I would ask myself would Don James taken the Alabama job if it was offered? I would like to say no, but he quit on the Huskies when the conference hit him with a penalty. I had talked to him in his office and I could see that he was getting tired. When the conference abandoned him, it was the opportunity he needed to resign and go into retirement. DeBoer leaving was worse. He was just beginning to build a dynasty. Now the Huskies have to start over with almost an entirely new roster because of the large number of players who hit the transfer portal, or the NFL draft. Oh well, life goes on. Id you watch any college basketball games on TV you know the Huskies are far behind in talent. The team is better this year then it has been, but it’s not close to what I see on TV. Connecticut is again the obvious leader as we get closer to the playoffs. Dan Hurley does a remarkable job of coaching Connecticut and if they get upset in March Madness I would be really stunned. … I was pretty good basketball player as a young kid, but I would not get into a college game today unless I could afford a ticket. The game is so much quicker that it takes my breath away watching it. It is like watching a top notch magic show when I see a college game on TV. The things these guys do, their quickness and jumping ability is beyond my ability to understand. It has made the NBA so much better. There is a slew of superstar players in the pro game. It didn’t surprise me that Joel Embiid scored 70 points the other day, and Karl-Anthony Towns poured in 62 on the same day. Towns had 44 points at halftime. His teammates tried to set him up so he could score 80. You will see much more of this as time goes on. Until, or if, they raise the basket to 11 feet, individual scores are going to soar. The Huskies, however, will still be way behind. Their only chance is to pay a good coach to come in and change the culture. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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