There is alarming danger in the rise of white nationalism under the current President. It’s a turn–back-the-clock to our past, which was a time when the larger world was still emerging and the United States post-World War II was in a power struggle with the only other post-war power, the Soviet Union.

Once the United States became the victor in the cold war with the Soviet Union, which collapsed, it became the sole power, economically and militarily. And it exercised its power carefully as the rest of the world took its collective breath and started a rebuilt that took us into a connected 21st century where the good of one took a back seat to the good of all in a globalized economy.

Now the current administration is bent on sending us back into the pre-world war II when manufacturing was still humming and the skies were gray with the stench of coal-burning factories that were belching dirty smoke into the atmosphere. It is practicing a form of Nationalism that will isolate us from the rest of the world and has the look of Nazism. White supremacy is rising to the front and freedoms of expression are being stifled and democracy could be replaced by a one-party government controlled by an oligarchy and run by a strongman.

This nationalism is doomed for failure. It is a recipe for the decline of America. It is impossible to deny globalization. The world is no longer us versus them power struggle. It is a world that is sprinkled with many dependent on each other to develop and survive to a healthy role in an increasing vital and important world role.

To assume every country suddenly supports its own nationalism would be a fallacy. In an increasingly inter-connected world, nationalism is the enemy.  In order for the world to survive intact, there must be harmony and nationalism by definition is the opposite of that. It practices me-first guidelines, and the assumption the United States can dictate favorable economic terms, bullying the less powerful, without creating unnecessary enemies, is also a fallacy.

Mathematically, it is impossible to achieve complete favorable and separate trade agreements with all nations. If one nation has all the favorable trade agreements that means the rest do not and that imbalance is due to lead to conflict.

The bottom line is that it is imperative that we voters in a week vote Blue, reclaim for the Democrats a majority at least in the House in Congress to serve as a check on this administration and its intent to take us into the past and into danger.

If the Republicans keep the majority in the House, the fate of our once great nation will be in the hands of those who want to destroy our democracy and repeat the history of the 1930s and 40s. We cannot let it happen. We must fight back with our vote.

Please vote, and vote Blue.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.