It’s true that as more than one writer has expressed that those who come into contact with traitor Trump wind up diminished or losing their integrity or being thrown under the bus. He is the flame that you want to get close to just to see if you can do it, and then when you get too close you wind up burnt.

Reading Rick Reilly’s book, “Commander in Cheat” on how the game of golf reveals who traitor Trump is and it is disturbing and entertaining all at once. The traitor can be charming and funny, but you quickly realized that he also can’t be stopped who he really is – a cheat, a conman, a hustler, a big-time liar – and that almost as quickly turns off men who are asked to play golf with him. Most of them only play with him once because they can’t take his cheating and his demand to be the best even as he does what Reilly says is the “Trump Bump”, which is to make his final golf score much lower than it really is. An 80 turns into a 70, a 78 into a 68 and so on.

His bottom line is no bottom line. The traitor never concedes. He takes everything and everybody to court and if you challenge him there you better have a lot of money and a lot of time because his strategy is to draw the battle out as long as possible to drain your resources so you quit or give in to him. If he loses he calls it a win because, well, he always wins. Always.

He demands his many golf courses be rated the best in the world even when they are not close. He badgers, bullies and tries to extort those who do the ratings to give his courses top rating so he can charge more to play on them.

The traitor has even stolen a family crest to use as his own. A relative of the family, a democratic senior from Maryland, tells the family not to sue because it would be a waste of time and money because that is where the Traitor wants you to go so he can outlast you.

Traitor Trump believes he is better than anybody on Earth and knows more than anybody on Earth. Rules and laws don’t apply to him because he is above them. So it’s not surprising that he says he would sue if the Democratic controlled House dares to impeach him.

I’m heard some misguided evangelicals say the traitor is God’s gift to them. I tell them yes he is he is the antichrist, Satan. Should Jesus Christ show up like he has promised that could be interesting how the traitor would treat him. Hey, the son of God, go get me a coke, he might say, and do it now.

I’m scared because I don’t know how you beat the traitor in an election. Russia is going to help him again, and he’s made it clear he would welcome the help. And the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, have bent backwards not to help our election security. It’s like they are welcoming the interference.

So, yeah, no matter if the vast majority of Americans are tired of the traitor, there are bad forces out there waiting to pounce on our election to help him and the Republicans get elected in 2020. That scares me. Our democracy has been stolen by the lying king and it’s going to take a herculean effort to wrestle it back from the traitor. He’s not going to go away willingly. He already has shown us what he will do if he loses. He will declare victory and go to court to get his “win.”

May God help us.



We are going to see tonight just how good of a basketball coach Steve Kerr really is. Most people believe he is very good, but in order for the Warriors to win tonight they will need some major adjustments to slow down the Raptors.

I’m not sure what that is, but I promise role players with the Warriors will have to step up big time. And even that may not be enough because losing Kevin Durant to injury is going to have a big psychology effect on the team, one way or the other.

I think the Raptors will have too much and will clinch the NBA championship tonight. Just don’t bet the mortgage on it.



A lot of people seem upset that the American women kept celebrating on the sidelines as the Yanks kept knocking the soccer ball into the net against Thailand in a 13-0 romp in Women’s World Cup.

Yeah, I would rather have seen a more subdued sideline, although I understand goal differential in World Cup soccer plays a big part in the final outcome. I look at it like this: If I’m coaching a pee wee team that is crushing its opponent, I would make sure my players don’t rub it in by celebrating. My philosophy is what goes around comes around. You will get yours eventually, so cool it.



You know, this practice of super stars in the NBA plotting free agency moves to build a super team is getting old.  It sort of reminds me of the old TV series “Have Gun Will Travel” starring Richard Boone as Paladin, who goes around as a hired gun in the old West solving problems, sometimes for free, with his ability with a gun.

I’m old school, I guess, but it’s too artificial for me to see hired guns, so to speak, take the highest bid and move to the next town along with, sometimes, another super star to create a temporary power in the NBA.

Think LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh getting together in Miami and LeBron moving back to Cleveland to make the Cavs a power again, and now he’s a LA Laker and waiting for another super star to arrive (Anthony Davis?} to make the Lakers relevant again.

Boston’s Kyrie Irving is on the move again. He’s probably headed to the Brooklyn Nets, although the Knicks are in the picture too. Before Durant got injured, he was thought to be going to the Knicks with Irving joining him there.

I don’t know what the big deal is with Irving. I don’t like him. He seems to be more trouble than he’s worth.  Boston is better without him. The Celtics should build around Jayson Tatum.

Anyway, all this super star movement takes away for me the ability to concentrate on just one team. There is no loyalty. It’s all about the next big payday. I can’t blame them for wanting more, but, c’mon, can’t you live on a $50 million? Most people live paycheck to paycheck, and the super star wants millions more.

Oh well, that is life in the slow lane.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.