I’m still reading Rick Reilly’s book, “The Commander in Cheat” on how golf defines traitor Trump and I’m getting a clearer picture of the traitor. What I have been getting, and not just from this book, is the traitor can charm a snake out of his skin and the con is always on.

People who have golfed with him (and he likes to be seen with the best golfers or famous people) know he is going to cheat, but for the most part enjoy being out on the course with him because he makes it fun. Because he is who he is those people accept him for what he is – a charmer and cheat – and go along with it. Rarely does anybody challenge his cheating.

There is always the need for the traitor to be number one. He won’t stand for being anything but first, first off the tee, first to have the best golf courses in the world (even when they don’t come close to that), first to speak, first to eat, first, first, first, first.

He breaks contracts (and laws) as easily and as often as we do to get up from our chairs. Reilly mentions only once when the traitor’s move to break a contract backfired on him. This guy put together a $1 million challenge for golfers willing to put up $15,000 each to participate. He thought it would be a good idea to get the traitor involved. He offered a small percentage to the traitor if he would put his name on the challenge. The traitor said yes, but he wanted the challenge at one of his courses. The guy agreed.

When it came time to make the public announcement of the challenge – just minutes before it was  to be made – the traitor turned to an aide and said, “Tell me why the (bleep) am I doing this?” The aide shuddered and the guy who proposed it felt his heart sink.

Then the traitor said he would do it but only if he got half of the proceeds. It was the bully in the traitor doing what he always does – try to cheat his way to another “win.”

To the surprise of the bully, the guy said no. We have a contract, he said, waving the agreement in his face. Then he turned to go down to the main floor of Trump Tower to face a large press gathering and tell them the traitor had reneged on the agreement.

Almost nobody stands up to the bully, but this guy did. As the guy counted down the minutes before he had to go before the press gathering, suddenly here comes the traitor down the golden escalator in Trump Tower and right on time the press gathering went on as expected.

The bully was beaten.

But this is a very rare exception to the traitor Trump rule of bullying, cheating, lying and sweet talking his way to the front of the line whether it is to win a court battle with a city over a large flag on his property or to win the Presidency of the United States. When he said Friday (June 14) that he would take information on a political opponent from a foreign entity it’s in line with his character. Screw laws, if it helps me, I will take it.

It will be extremely difficult to beat the traitor in the 2020 election because he will do anything to win, to be first. Rig the election with the help of, say, Russia, sure if it helps him.

The traitor is a person you never want to put in charge of anything because he will take it as his own and never surrender it. Don’t let him in your door because soon he will own your house.  Don’t sign a contract to work for him because the contract will be worthless and if you get paid it will never be enough to cover the expense of your work.

There is a simple adage here: Don’t (bleep) with the fire because you will get burnt.

The traitor is President because he accepted Russian help in terms of psychological warfare on his opponent, using fake stories to create chaos and to turn Americans against Americans, and because he is the P.T. Barnum of a political circus that cons everybody within earshot.

To beat a bully you have to stand up to him and slap him around. I don’t know if there is anybody out there willing to do it.  If not, we are in trouble in this country because we have allowed the fox into the hen house and it’s tough to beat a cunning fox.



You know, I have always said that football, especially at the pro level, is too violent. It is like the gladiators and lions battling in a small arena. The injury level is just too much. Almost every game you see somebody carted off.

But still I watch. I’m intrigued how these big monsters go at each other so violently. I would not play football, though. I loved it when I was a kid, but today’s game of football is too fast, too quick, too many big guys with muscles bulging where you would not expect muscles to be, and guys with menace in their hearts waiting to tear you another one.

I really think one day that football will be outlawed. It does series brain damage over the long haul.

But still I watch.