As our undecider President waffles back and forth on key problems – Iran bombing, Tariffs on Mexico – and exchanges love letters from one of the most murderous dictators in modern history, allies and enemies are taking notice.

They see a bully who when confronted and called on his buffs, backs away like the coward he is.  This is dangerous not just for us, but for the world. The old adage keep your friends close and your enemies closer applies here. Iran, I’m sure, has him figured out and know he is full of BS and that he won’t back up his dangerous words with a dangerous move. And that is dangerous because we don’t know how the Iranians will back knowing they will suffer just a verbal lashing.

The Russians, with the clever Putin in charge, have already figured traitor Trump out for a bombastic buffoon and now it’s showing up in this hemisphere.

One of the Russian Navy’s most advanced warship has docked at a port in Havana’s harbor, read a combined Fox News and Associated Press report, which went on to say, “Armed with cruise missiles, air deference systems and other weapons, the Admiral Gorshkov — which pulled into Cuba’s capital Monday — is the first ship in a new class of frigates intended to replace aging Soviet-era destroyers to project power far away from Russian shores.

It is accompanied by the multifunctional logistics vessel Elbrus, the medium sea tanker Kama and the rescue tug Nikolai Chiker, the Russian Navy says.

The naval group was greeted with a 21-gun salute from Cuban forces stationed at the entrance to the Bay of Havana. The Gorshkov — which entered service last year — responded with its own salute.

As U.S.-Russian relations have sunk to some of the lowest levels since the Cold War, Moscow has been considering further steps to boost its global presence. An air base and a naval facility in Syria are currently Russia’s only military outposts outside the former Soviet Union but Russian military officials have talked repeatedly about plans to negotiate deals for Russian warships and aircraft to use foreign ports and air bases.

Russia’s armed forces have received hundreds of new warplanes and dozens of warships in recent years as part of a sweeping military modernization program.

The Admiral Gorshov — following its stop in Cuba — is scheduled to make calls at several more Caribbean ports, Russia’s Navy said, without elaborating.”

China is also expanding its military reach and have had a part in the chaos in Argentina, as has Russia.  So South America, which once what was the backyard domain of the United States, is now visited by foreign powers that are our traditional enemies. Traitor Trump can love Putin and China President Xi Jinping, but they see right through his friendly handshakes and are playing him like a beautiful fiddle.

Beware the smile. Behind it lurks dangers.




I’ve seen a lot of things in my long life, some even good, but NBA commissioner Adam Silver says the league is considering stopping the use of “owners” to describe people who own teams. Silver wants them to be called “governors” because in a league consisting of mostly black players the word owners is too closely associated with slavery when people actually did own blacks.

What are they doing? Everybody knows that owners refers to people – usually billionaires – that own the franchise and that has nothing to do with owning people, who are making millions playing the game.  Are we becoming too sensitive to our sordid past history?

Silver and his “governors” can call themselves what they want, but they are owners to me, and always will be.  Give me a break.




I was informed today (June 25) that Bert Marshall, 75, a Poulsbo resident, has retired from his long-time hockey gig.  For the last 19 years he has been director of amateur scouting for the Carolina Hurricanes. Before that, Marshall played in the NHL from 1965-79 with Detroit, Oakland Seals, New York Rangers and New York Islanders.

Marshall, a defenseman when he played, also was the head coach of the Colorado Rockies of the NHL for a brief time. Then he went into scouting for the next 17 years with the Islanders (he was director of scouting from 1994-96), and last with the Hurricanes.