Two penalty kicks by Rapinoe get the Americans past rugged Spain


Watched most of the World Cup game between Spain and the United States and felt that Spain really was quite physical with the American side. It made for an interesting battle that was decided on two penalty kicks by Megan Rapinoe, who is one of the leaders of the movement for equality in pay for the women.

The second penalty, which decided the match, came in the second half and I felt it was a ticky tacky foul, although it was reviewed and found to be a foul. The Spaniards though put up a whale of a battle and I fear the worst Friday when the Americans play host France in the quarterfinals. The Americans must play better to have a chance to advance to the semifinals.



I’m going to be extremely interested in how Washington’s two guys – Matisse Thybulle and Jaylen Nowell – fare in the NBA. Matisse is a defensive whiz who set all kinds of records in his four years as a Husky and I wonder how that translates to a league where offensive explosion takes the front seat over defense. Can Thybulle improve his shooting to be an offensive threat? Can he become so good defensively that he sticks in the NBA for a long time? Those are real questions. There is no doubt if you got bonus points for being a good person, Thybulle would rank high in the NBA. But the league is cruel. It can eat up good guys who can’t score. So we’ll see.

I have always felt Nowell was not ready for the NBA. He’s smooth and has a decent shot, but I never felt like his ball-handling and passing was solid. That will be a test for him in a league where going up and down the court full bore at all times weeds out those who can’t handle the ball well. So we’ll see with him, too.



Man, if you want to run for President you better get with it. There are now 25 Democrats running with the late jump-in of retired three-star admiral and former Pennsylvania congressman’s Joe Sestak announcement on Sunday (June 23). That makes it a baker’s dozen plus 12.

I don’t think it will take long for many of them to fall by the wayside. The first two Democratic debates will be held Wednesday (June 26) and Thursday (June 27) in Miami and with so many aching to get a few minutes in front of the national TV audience it will seem like a smorgasbord.

I frankly don’t know who will survive to face traitor Trump. I think Joe Biden, who continues to lead in the polls, is too wishy-washy, too gentlemanly, although he sure has had his problems with dealing with the wrong people and getting too close to some women.

Whoever gets the final nod has to, in my opinion, hit back hard at the traitor and have some economic and healthcare solutions to offer that will generate an audience.

I like Mayor Pete a little, although he has had trouble with the black community in South Bend. Bernie is probably not going to win because he is being labeled a socialist, and that seems to be a dirty word among many Americans, although we are already a socialist country.

I’m a little disheartened by the whole process because I believe foreign actors will again play an important role in our election. The Russians were good in the last election, and did enough to get the traitor elected. Will they do it again? The traitor hopes so. He already has said he would welcome their help, which is against our laws, by the way, except there are no laws that can contain the traitor.

All I can hope for is that the majority of Americans have had enough of the traitor and will vote for anybody, even Popeye, other than the traitor.

I cannot imagine even in my darkest hours, as Winston Churchill would say, that Don the Con, also known as the traitor, can be honestly elected again. If he does get elected, you can kiss your butt and this country goodbye.

With that pleasant thought, enjoy summer.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.