Who are the people behind traitor Trump that are making policy to destroy our government, gerrymander minorities from our elections and kick out all the non-white people?

That is the question we should be asking.

It is plainly obvious to many people, including me now, that the traitor is an empty shell. He has no policy ideas, he does not take orders from anybody, and he does not – cannot – take security briefings or any briefings at all. His attention span is that of a gnat. He takes his ideas from friends who he incessantly talks to each night, including Sean Hannity.

Traitor Trump is a man who should not be the President. He’s a fraud who got there by the perfect storm – poor campaigning by Hilary Clinton, a great smear job on Clinton by Russian hackers, Russian interference via social media and possibly through rigging some election systems and through an inside job where somebody close to the campaign led Russian hackers to target key swing states Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio.

Simply put, traitor Trump is inept, dumb, a failed business man who by virtue of the combination above plus his ability to con, lie manipulate, bully and misdirect led to the greatest upset in presidential history and placed in office Dumbo the Elephant who is also the most racist and white supremacist person around. We can add sexual predator to that.

So the question has to be asked again. If not traitor Trump, which is inconceivable, who is pushing racists, far-right extremist conservative policy on us?

Whoever it is, and I suspect it to be Stephen Miller and the Federalists, they are dismantling the government. As part of the dismantling, it was announced a week ago that the USDA Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture was being moved to Kansas City in an apparent effort to force those who didn’t want to upend their families to quit (and 80 percent of them indicated they would do just that) and just today (June 15) it was announced career officials of the Bureau of Land Management were being reassigned and its operations ending across the government.

Many jobs have gone unfilled in other government departments and many of the departments are being headed by people who are acting secretaries, which allows the traitor to bypass the confirmation hearing process in the Democratic controlled House. And to top it off many of those acting heads are opposed to the departments they are supposed to lead.

So what is going on?

Well, a smaller government has always been the target of far-right conservatives, no matter if it harms our environment or hurts the middle and poor classes. We are more and more being taken over by the oligarchs and big corporations, and that also is part of the overall plan.

Screw the poor and the middle class. The wealthy shall rule and put their big boot on the neck of the 99 percent.

What is the mystery of who is behind all of this? It’s not the traitor. He’s too dumb to think of anything other than himself and money, money, money, and unwilling women who he bends to his sexual desires.

Immigration is being tackled by this mystery group, which is not surprising. The group, whoever it is, is trying to make American White and return it to the early 1900s when white privilege was supreme and Jim Crow ruled in the South. There are some who want to return to that, and this mystery group is headed toward that.

So what is the answer?

All I can offer is we have to reject the traitor and pray that the Russian influence and hacking of our 2020 election can be overcome by our massive voting blue, blue, blue. But we must be on our toes and fight back at every turn. Don’t split your vote among several Democrats. Later, when we get close to the election, I will recommend the vote, and we must be united to vote this way and to be united in our belief that we can overcome the divisive tactics of the traitor and his supporters.

We are all Americans no matter where we originally came from, no matter our skin color, no matter our sex, no matter our preferences for who we love. Hold your ground and don’t let the few determine your government. We are a nation of love, hope and promise. Remember that as you are being assaulted by the traitor, a guy who has no business bing anywhere near the White House. Kick his butt.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.