There is not much mystery about traitor Trump. He’s a broken man. If he was a toy, he would have been thrown in the trash a long time ago. But he’s got a willingness to weather most storms and those he can’t he sends out his cronies and his lawyers to fix them.

I find the Michael Wolff book on the traitor helpful in explaining what I don’t already know about the traitor. One thing I do know is that he is not much of a family man or a husband. He often has said he wishes that he never had given his oldest son – Don Jr. – his name because for the most part he can’t stand him.

His marriage to Melania is not really a marriage. They live apart and only appear together for public consumption.

Second wife Marla Maples was caught with a bodyguard on a beach and it was a big blow to the traitor. It humiliated him, and being humiliated is his kryptonite. This is a passage from Wolff’s book that explains it.

“Almost everything he does is about trying to avoid humiliation,” said (Steve) Bannon. “And he’s close to it all of the time. He’s drawn to it. Caught red-handed, he’ll stare you down. He’s psychologically gifted. His father humiliated him. That humiliation broke Trump’s brother. But he learned to withstand it. But that’s the Russian roulette he’s playing, waiting for the humiliation that will break him.”

Wolff goes on to write that when Maples got pregnant before they married, the traitor wondered how he could not only avoid marriage to her but avoid the baby. One scenario was to push Maples down the stairs to cause a miscarriage.

The traitor has no relationship with his 12-year-old son Bannon. He tries hard to avoid his son and when he has appeared in public with him he talks about him in the third person. Bannon and Melania spend most of their time away from the traitor in Maryland in a house she purchased for her parents.

Wolff writes, “It sometimes seemed that (Trump’s) only option, other than outright scorn, was to make Barron invisible to him.”

I already knew traitor Trump was a horrible human being and the Wolff book just reinforces that. Women are to be used for sex and others are labeled by the clothes they wear or the way they look. Joe Biden is Sleepy Joe, Elizabeth Warren is Pocahontas and Ted Cruz was Lying Ted.

So it goes. Now, today (July 14), the traitor has attacked by Twitter four Democratic freshman congresswomen because of their looks. They are non-whites and without knowing otherwise he says they need to go back from where they came.

He targeted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, all of whom have spoken out against his immigration policies. For his information, these women are from the United States – AOC was born in the Bronx, Pressley was born in Cincinnati and raised in Chicago, Omar and her family fled Somalia and she became a citizen almost 20 years ago and lives in Minneapolis and Tlaib was born and raised in Detroit.

The attack by the traitor is typical of him. He attacks everybody. He is full of hate, is a white nationalist and is racist.

But what is more important is that his tactics are straight out of the Putin playbook that is having success in Western Europe and here. It calls for a divide and conquer strategy using social media to sow chaos and discord. Putin’s Russia is kissing up to the far-right extremists in Europe and the traitor is doing the same here. You may have noticed that the traitor pulled together the far-right media for a conference at  the White House this past week where he encouraged them to keep on doing what they are doing – throwing out hatred and sowing chaos and discord.  Traitor Trump’s winning strategy for the 2020 election is to solidify his base and through setting the Democrats against each other create enough chaos and discord among them to ensure his base will be good enough to win.

The Republicans also are betting that they can suppress minority voters, especially among the Latinos and black population, to further ensure the traitor’s election. Russian interference will also be expected to help their cause.

If the traitor wins and the Republicans retain control of the Senate, you can kiss our democracy goodbye. Four more years of the traitor will doom us.

May God help us.

My own personal salvation is that my health is declining and I may not live long enough to see the fascists take over. So I will pray that you are saved.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.