We have turned a page into a new chapter, maybe a new book, with the confirmation long suspected that traitor Trump is not just a racist but a white nationalist.

It is a dangerous turn because apparently that is going to be his strategy in the presidential campaign going toward the 2020 election, stroking fears and hatred of others who are not white, turning the election into a contest based on race and not policy.

Racism has always lurked just beneath the surface but normally well hidden. But this President appeals to that racism, giving permission by virtue of his high office to those Racists to come out of the shadows and in to the public square.

Doubling down on that, the traitor is doing everything to put pressure on non-whites that have the consequences of not white , including banning Muslim immigrants, creating a humanitarian crisis along our southern border, attacking black athletes and now four Congresswomen for not only being a different skin color but the audacity to loudly speak out against him.

There have been numerous racist Presidents, but none that were labeled white nationalists like the traitor. Andrew Jackson may have been the worse among those, and it’s no surprise that the traitor has a picture of Jackson in the White House.

None of the precious racist Presidents used that as a campaign slogan as the traitor is about to do. He is going to wage campaign war on immigration and on non-whites with the hopeful plan of bring those racists out in the open and into the polls where they possibly would vote for him.

It is a brilliant strategy?

We’ll see.

What it will be is ugly. It will be even worse than George Wallace, an admitted white nationalist and segregationist who ran for President four times, three times as a Democrat and once as an independent.

Traitor Trump in his polices and his racism and white nationalism is trying to take America back into the early 1900s when white privilege men ruled and African Americans suffered as well as women, who had to fight for rights.

Should the traitor lose this battle – and all reasonable people hope so – there is no guarantee he will surrender power. I have written this many times, but there will come a time in our country that the poor and middle class will raise up against what I see as the wealthy – oligarchs – gaining total control and stomping on everybody else.

This time may be coming sooner than I expected, but now I will throw in immigrants – the browns – along with the blacks joining in the fight. This country was founded on immigrants, shoving aside the Native Americans, to build a beacon for others looking for peace, freedom and hope for a better life. The tragedy of the Native Americans is not lost on me. It was horrible what we did to them and I jokingly now say they are getting their revenge on whites by building all these casinos where they can take back money on the way to reclaiming their lands.

In my view, it’s good for us reasonable people – we are the majority in his country, by the way – to finally have the traitor pull off his fake mask and reveal that he is racist and a white nationalist. Now we can concentrate our fight against him based on the knowledge that he will use his beliefs as a way to stoke the hidden racism among us.

So the fight begins. May God help us.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.