This country is all {bleeped) up. Traitor Trump’s bile, his hatred and white nationalism and his racist bullying and his gigantic narcissistic and lying personality has unleashed a torrent of evil doers that take his words seriously and go out and gun down innocent people all over the country.

It’s a horrible thing we (and the Russians) did to put him in office and every day we see the terrible consequences of it. My fear is that the Russians and Republican leadership led by Moscow Mitch will fix our election system so no contender has a chance to beat the traitor. Moscow Mitch has blocked every effort to spend funds to protect our election system.

There is wide spread voter suppression going on – at the last report 17 million voters have been scrubbed from election lists – along with gerrymandering in Republican led states.

In the meantime, Democratic candidates for President squabble among themselves over health care and say nothing about election security and gerrymandering. Are these people stupid, or what?

Marianne Williamson is a weirdo but she is point on when she attacks the traitor while others won’t. She has moral beliefs that are out in leftfield, but she also says things that make her stand out. The problem is that her candidacy may help her sell more of her self-help books, but she is too lean on experience to be a Commander-in-Chief.

But, look at what we got. So maybe I shouldn’t denigrate her too much.

My official position is we could run Minnie Mouse and beat the traitor. If, the election is not already fixed, as I fear it is.

My suggestion if the traitor gets reelected is to self-deport ourselves. I like Costa Rica.




It’s difficult to be impartial to your regional sports team. We are bombarded with too much positive information and it says our opinion upward even when we want to be careful with our analysis.

Having said that, I like what the Seahawks and the Huskies are going through as fall camps get underway. Both teams seem to have plenty of talent, although some of it is very young and inexperienced.

I’m tainted by the Huskies because I covered them for the local daily for nearly 30 years and was there for the entire coaching career of the late Don James, one of the best college coaches around.

The 1991 Husky team was the best I ever saw. That team went 12-0 and won the Rose Bowl in a 34-14 victory over Michigan. Four times they scored over 50 points, including a 56-21 demolishing of Washington State and gave up just 101 points, an average of 8.6 points a game while scoring 495 or an average of 41.3 a game.

In the fourth game of the season, the Huskies played Arizona in a conference game at home. On Arizona’s first play of the game, defensive tackle Steve Emtman, who would have 62 tackles and 20.5 tackles for losses that year and be named All-American and win the Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award and be the Bill Willis Award winner and the UPI lineman of the year, sacked the quarterback and on the second play he buried the fullback just as he was taking a handoff. Arizona then called time out. Washington won 54-0.

I’m not solid yet on Jacob Eason, the quarterback that prepped at Lake Stevens High school and transferred form Georgia. He has a lot of hype, but I’m thinking there is something lacking from him, although it’s just a gut feeling.

So we’ll see.

In the meantime, stay cool as the August heat rolls in.

Be well pal

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.