TOP OF THE TOWN – Did you read the current issue of Sports Illustrated with the feature on Antonio Brown?  Wow. The guy is as nutty as a fruitcake and so like traitor Trump that I find it impossible not to say that. I’m going to add a paragraph from the SI story here: “In total, the stories of those who have encountered Brown paint a portrait of a superstar athlete living a rock-star lifestyle, of a man who rose from poverty and anonymity in Miami to stardom and wealth on a national stage, only to make a habit of insulting, attacking and betraying people he saw as being beneath his station.” Except for growing up in poverty and anonymity this fits the traitor, who grew up in the shadow of his crooked father Fred who made millions by consorting with the mob and paying off politicians and breaking every law that stood in his way. If that last part sounds like the traitor, now you know why. He learned from his dad. Here’s another paragraph on Brown from SI from a lawyer of a client of Brown’s: You’ll start to see a pattern where Antonio lures people in initially and at first he appears to be very gregarious and appreciative of whatever service he’s seeking, and then at some point when the bill is due he creates division or confrontation in an effort to avoid having to meet his financial obligation …. It’s an unfortunate pattern of entitlement and narcissism.”  Is that like the traitor or what? Like the traitor, Brown refuses to pay his bills or seeks to pay less than owed. Like the traitor, Brown draws people into his world and then uses them for his own benefit. That is exactly what the traitor does. Brown also has three kids by one woman and two more by others. The only differences between Brown and traitor Trump is Brown is African American, which immediately means he would be banned from the traitor’s world, and two, the traitor marries the women that have his children, and three, NFL teams Pittsburgh, Oakland and New England have ousted Brown and the majority of Americans or Congress may oust the traitor. At least I can hope so. … My gut feeling after watching two college football giants – USC and Washington – throw haymakers at each other last Saturday is that one, the Huskies may have grown up. They are very talented but young in the secondary and after 60 minutes of ups and downs and mistakes and big plays they may have grown up. Two, USC was playing its third string quarterback and had several key injuries, but the Trojans showed that they, too, may be growing up. After the game, USC coach Clay Helton, who has been under fire, told his players that we may see the Huskies again down the road (Pac-12 championship contest?), and I think he could be right. If they do match up for the conference crown, I may put my money on the Trojans. They have a slew of talented players. They are not deep, but they showed me in this game that they will be dangerous the rest of the way.  The Trojans are in South Bend this Saturday to play unbeaten Notre Dame and if they play like they did against the Huskies the Fighting Irish could be in for a struggle. One thing I will ask of Husky coach Chris Peterson: Put away your trick play book. That triple handoff play was blotched badly and why are you using that in such a critical situation and crucial time? Throw that book away. …The Seahawks are not fully put together yet. They are 3-1 and play Thursday at home against the suddenly vulnerable Los Angeles Rams. Did you really think Tampa Bay would put 55 points on the Rams, and beat them, at Los Angeles? C’mon, I don’t think anybody could have seen that coming. The NFL is a crazy league when it comes to predicting week-to-week results, but 55-40? Anyway, that game has got me snowed. I have no idea what will happen. Russell Wilson is playing better than he ever had and the defense is better with Jadevon Clowney and Ezekiel Ansah, but the Rams have to be better then what they showed against Tampa Bay.  So we’ll see. … Hey, did you see Washington volleyball knocked off No. 1 Stanford – at Stanford. That win came after the Huskies were upset by Washington State. … My local high school football predictions are as follows: Steilacoom beats North Kitsap, Sequim handles Kingston, Bremerton takes down North Mason, Olympic takes it easy on poor Port Angeles, Bellarmine Prep gets its first win by beating South Kitsap and Central Kitsap whips up on Shelton. That’s it for today.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.