This message is simple: Donald J. Trump is a Manchurian Candidate. He has been compromised by Putin and Russia. How did they do it? Simple again. Putin through oligarchs saved Trump from financial ruin. They laundered money to him through his properties and through corrupt banks in Cyprus (Bank of Cyprus) and Germany (Deutsche Bank) and it saved him but came with a cost. They hold that over him and are able to maneuver him into what they want, including now the betrayal of the Kurds that will help Russia get a big foothold in Syria and the Middle East and likely lead to the weakening of NATO at the least and maybe the destruction of an organization born to hold back Soviet, and now Russia, expansion since Turkey is an NATO member showing signs that President Erdogan is moving closer to Russia. The impeachment inquiry led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, and pushed by the Democratic controlled House of Representatives is just the tip of the iceberg. The real secret and the Kryptonite key to Trump are his tax returns.  Get them and the whole plot unfolds. The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia just ruled Trump must comply with a subpoena issued to his accounting firm, Mazars, to hand over eight year of his financial records. An appeal to the full Appeals Court and the Supreme Court is likely by Trump’s lawyers and in the meantime the ruling has been stayed. Trump has furiously acted to protect his tax returns from being exposed to the public. Early in the 2016 campaign Trump said releasing his tax returns would end his campaign. So he hasn’t released them and has fought to keep them secret. It is not surprising that an executive for Deutsche Bank revealed just the other day that the bank no longer had his tax returns. The executive and other bank officials told David Enrich of the New York Times that the bank “apparently got rid of” his returns even through it was “normal procedure at the bank to retain such records.” It would not surprise if the same thing would happen to Mazars if Trump loses all his appeal processes. And the reason for that is obvious. No matter what impeachment inquiry the House of Representatives starts Trump’s Tax Returns will unravel and reveal all he has done for Putin and Russia while acting as President of the United States. The plot hatched by Putin is to conquer the U.S. through a willing Trump by subverting our democracy and its check and balances while also dividing the population and creating chaos and discord.  Putin is almost there, with Trump’s willing efforts. Early on Putin recognized Trump could be compromised by money. It is both Trumps major strength and major weakness. He must have money and the power it brings. So Putin and the oligarchs he has leveraged with gave him money. Now Trump is being attacked by the Democrats, led by Pelosi and Schiff. They are bloodhounds on the scent, moving down a path that could lead to his destruction of power. They are closing in, but have as yet not recognized the fork in the road they need to take is his tax returns. Follow the money. Always follow the money. So it’s no wonder Trump has attacked Pelosi and Schiff. They need to be stopped before they wake up and take that fork in the road. The Ukraine investigation has turned up parts of the plot. The two men arrested – Russian born U.S. citizens Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas – that were Rudy Giuliani’s cohorts trying to raise dirt on Trump’s main potential Democratic opponent Joe Biden – had also funneled at least $325,000 of Russian money to a Trump Super PAC.  Our democracy is under attack – it’s a war, really – as it never has before. We are in danger of losing it all to a madman (Trump) and his handler (Putin) and the final battle is shaping up. We can be saved if the Republicans in Congress finally wake up and do the right thing. They must put country before their personal status as lawmakers. If they continue to resist we may lose everything. Should articles of impeachment reach the Senate floor, and that is debatable with Mitch McConnell, Trump’s gatekeeper, in charge. He may have a vote to discharge the articles before they reach the floor. But if Senators get to vote in a trial they must act as representatives of the people (us) and not themselves. Will they do it?