TOP OF THE TOWN – I’m not surprised Oregon beat the Washington Huskies. That’s a good veteran team and their coach does a great job. Even having said that the Huskies had a chance to win it if the refs would have called the PI that happened on Washington’s last offensive player of the game. The Oregon defender shouldered Husky freshman Puka Nacua, knocking him off stride just as the ball arrived from quarterback Jacob Eason. If the call was made, as it should have been, the Huskies would have had the ball deep in Oregon territory with a first down with just a few tickets under a minute left, giving them a chance to score a winning touchdown. We have seen some bad and costly bad calls the last week and this was just another one. Washington had built a 31-21 lead and then the Ducks did what they game-planned for — run the ball on the Huskies. They did that well and the Huskies couldn’t slow them down. I don’t think that is a knock on defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake. Sometimes the better guys win. Oregon ran roughshod over the Huskies right defensive side all game. Lake subbed in different players in an attempt to slow the Ducks down, but it was to no avail. Give the Ducks credit. Their offensive line on that side of the line was just much better. Still the Huskies 5-3 and 2-3 in the Pac-12 hung in there. The Huskies were hobbled by injuries. Battering ram running back Richard Newton was still out. Wide receiver Aaron Fuller played just a few snaps and running back Sean McGrew was also out. In the end there were no excuses to be made for the Husky loss. They were the underdogs in the game and almost pulled off the upset, so get over it. The Huskies are young and learning. They are getting better, but still aren’t an elite team.  They are good, just not good enough. Now they have a bye week and then host talented Utah, which will likely be favored. I see the Huskies going 5-4 in the conference and 8-4 overall and they are right on target to do that. You can this season as a consolation, a step-back if you will. Only their step-back is better than the other team across town. Now we will see Sunday just how good the Seahawks are. They face a tough Baltimore team that plays defense well and has an exciting quarterback in Lamar Jackson. That’s it for today.

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