Seahawks and Washington Huskies might not be good football teams


TOP OF THE TOWN – Has anyone considered the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Huskies might not be good football teams?  We get excited about our regional tams and make allowance for them and give them more credit than they might deserve. That’s the function of loyal fans. In an era when the most powerful leader in the world tells lies by the bucket full on a daily basis, truth sometimes gets lost in the pile of falsehoods. So let’s dig in the pile and see if we can come up with some truths. The simple truth is the Seahawks have won their five games by a total of 25 points and 17 of that total came in a win over Arizona 27-10. That’s cutting it close and shows a complete lack of caring for fans with weak hearts. More disturbing four of those wins came against teams with a combined record of 6-18-1. And a 30-29 victory over the LA Rams came when the Seahawks snatched victory from the jaws of defeat when Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein, who rarely misses a field goal, for some inexplicable reason known only to people with a physics degree missed a 44-yard field goal as the game ended. The Seahawks have lost to the Saints and last Sunday to the Ravens with both games being at home. Those two teams have a combined 11-3 record. You see the trend here?  And don’t give me garbage about injuries haven’t a negative impact on the Seahawks. Injuries are part of what is a very violent game and all teams experience them. So what is going on? The Seahawks pass rush is below average, they are the 9th worse in terms of passing yards allowed and 24th overall in passing defense. They are 20th in rushing defense. So its defense, defense, and defense that is holding back the Seahawks. Miracle quarterback Russell Wilson was having an MVP season until Sunday when he crashed to the ground with a resounding thud and showed he is mortal after all. The Seahawks play the suddenly woe-be-gone 1-6 Atlanta Falcons in Georgia this Sunday and if they struggle against them get out the crying towels because this season may not end pretty.  … Then there is the Washington Huskies. There were high expectations for them even though if you equate it with the baseball-playing Seattle Mariners this had all the signs of a rebuilding season. The offensive line and defensive back Myles Bryant were just about all the experience veterans for the 2019 edition. So I didn’t expect more than an 8-4 season, with all four losses coming in the Pac-12. The latest loss will be next weekend at home to Utah. There is even a high possibility of more losses. After Utah, the Huskies play at an improving Oregon State and at Colorado and then have the Apple Cup with Washington State. I could see them losing to Oregon State and to the Cougars.  That would make it a 6-6 season (3-6 in the conference). The Huskies are talented, no question, but it takes time to get that talent mature. Next season will be much better, although it will be with another quarterback because this year’s starter, Jacob Eason, is expected to declare for the NFL draft. Okay, that is it. See you later.

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