TOP OF THE TOWN – The World’s antidoping agency banned Russia from international sports, including the Tokyo Olympic Games, for four years. Russia is sure to appeal. I suppose, only half-joking, traitor Trump can intervene and get the decision overturned. Russian athletes can still compete, but not under the Russia flag. … Chris Petersen’s sudden and surprising resignation from the Husky football job reminded me of coach Don James. I used to sit in James’ office at the Graves building in preparation for our annual Football tab at the Sun and talk Husky football. The last two times I was there I could see he was burned out. I asked him what he did to relive pressure from the job and he said that he ran the Burke-Gilman Trail that spans 19 miles between Seattle and Bothell.  When the Huskies in 1993 were penalized for NCAA violations and with the loss of TV revenue for one year and a bowl ban for two years (James had pushed for the opposite, one year bowl band and two years of lost revenue) he resigned. It is my thought that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Had James gotten what he wanted, it’s possible he might have stayed for a couple more years. But this was the chance to quit and relief the pressure, I believe. James told Seattle Times columnist Blaine Newnham in 2006 that his doctor told him if he had continued coaching within five years because of the wear and tear of coaching he would have been dead. James was 73 in 2006 and enjoying life with wife Carol. In another seven years, James did die at 80. Petersen is 55 so he likely has plenty of time to enjoy life without the 24/7 stress of being a college football coach. … You can forget Russell Wilson as the NFL’s MVP this season. Lamar Jackson of Baltimore has that all but wrapped up. Wilson has been average the last four games and a big part of that you can contribute to the offensive line not being able to properly protect him. He has been sacked 18 times in the last four games and 40 overall this season, fourth in the league. So that is one weakness of the Seahawks and another one is the defense not being able to do the same to opposing QBs. The Rams’ Jared Goff is mediocre when he’s not pressured and pretty darn good when he’s not. Sunday night the Seahawks did not sack Goff once and had just four hurries on him. That’s not close to being good enough. They made Goff look like Lamar Jackson. I don’t know what the answer is, but I would think there is enough coaching brainpower on the Seahawks sideline that they can do better than this. They have three games left, Sunday at Carolina and home the next two weeks with Arizona and then the big one with the 49ers to finish the regular season. None of these games are gimmes, but you would think they can beat Carolina and Arizona. That would put their record at 12-3 going in against the 49ers, which is a game that is about as big as one can get. If all goes according to plan that game will decide the No. 1 seed in the NFC. … I get frustrated watching the Washington Husky basketball team. I know I shouldn’t because I have to take a step back and realize they are very young along with all the talent and it will take time for them to mature and come together as one. Until that happens, I get nervous watching them throw the ball around for unforced errors and fail to get rebounds because they are too busy trying to out jump each other, sometimes colliding in midair and losing the ball off their fingertips and out of bounds. They are often out of control, especially freshman Jayden McDaniels who often looks like he’s still in high school and trying to win the game all by himself. In one instance against No. 9 Gonzaga Sunday he felt so good about himself that after hitting a shot, he turned his back and jaunted leisurely back down the floor. While he had his back turned, Gonzaga was quickly attacking the basket and only a block by Hameir Wright saved the No. 22 Huskies from a Gonzaga layin. Wright’s block sent the ball to a surprised McDaniels, who turned, went down the court and threw the ball away. Much of the time it looks like McDaniels is about as interested in what is going on as if he was in a biology class. The other touted freshman on the Huskies, Isaiah Stewart, is playing like a man among boys. Stewart is turning into a leader as well. And he’s just 18!!! As sloppy as the Huskies were against a very good Gonzaga team they only loss by seven, 83-76. If the Huskies can get their act together they have a chance to so some good things. It won’t be easy because the Pac-12 is better this year then it has been.Ha