You got to be kidding. Delay of game penalty was a big-time screw up by Seahawks


TOP OF THE TOWN – No matter how you slice it coach Pete Carroll screwed up big time Sunday in the 49ers game. The referees didn’t help, either. That was pass interference in the end zone on tight end Jacob Hollister by defender Fred Warner that would have put the Hawks on the one-yard line with a first down. But there was no call on the play or a review of the play. Then when it mattered most the Hawks suffered a delay of game with a first down inside the one yard line with 22 seconds left and down 26-21. That doesn’t even happen in the movies. Blame the head man for that screw up. They were disorganized and failed to get their man – Marshawn Lynch – into the game in time so he could wipe away that awful decision in the Super Bowl played in 2015 when the Seahawks decided not to give the ball to Lynch from the four-yard line with one minute left and instead passed the ball which Malcolm Butler intercepted on the one-yard line to preserve a 28-24 victory for the New England Patriots.  So the Hawks had the ball on the five-yard line with 22 seconds left after the delay penalty and on fourth down Russell Wilson’s pass to Hollister ended up one-inch short of the goal line to preserve a 26-21 49ers victory. One inch! Man that is hard to take. But it all stems from Carroll and his staff being disorganized and suffering a critical 5-yard delay penalty. So now the Seahawks instead of having a home playoff game against Minnesota at CenturyLink have to go on the road to Philadelphia to meet the Eagles Sunday in a first-round game. If they survive that they would face once again San Francisco, also on the road.  If they won that they would likely face New Orleans, also on the road. So to get to the Super Bowl they would have to win three road games. The good news is the Seahawks are 7-1 in road games this season. The bad news is they should not be in this situation.  But that’s life. … After watching Clemson outmuscle Ohio State on Saturday there is no way any college football team on the West Coast would have a chance against the Tigers. There is a vast difference in talent between Clemson and say, the Washington Huskies, or even Utah. Washington has defensive backs that are 5-9, 190 pounds and Clemson has guys that are 6-2 and 220 and are quicker, faster, stronger and more athletic. Clemson, LSU and Ohio State are animals. The Huskies are pussy cats in comparison. Clemson’s 2020 recruiting class lists six five-star recruits and 11 four-star recruits. In comparison, the Pac-12 combined lists just one five-star recruit, offensive tackle Myles Hinton to Stanford. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is incredible. He has a very quick release, is accurate and can throw it long or short. He can also run. It’s going to be an interesting matchup between Burrow and LSU and Clemson. They are two bullies that don’t back off. … Westsound attracted just one player on the Associated Press 2019 All-State football team – defensive back Colton Bower, a sophomore from North Kitsap was an honorable mention choice on the 2A team. Ok, that is all for today. Have a great New Year.

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