It bothers me to no end how many people posting comments on social media still believe traitor Trump has been cleared of wrong doing by the Mueller Report when it’s clear that they have not read the report but are relying on the lying AG Bill Barr and the lying king traitor Trump.

If you read the report and still can find nothing wrong what the traitor did, then you have drank the Kook-Aid offered by Jim Jones at Jonestown and now being offered up by the traitor.

No reasonable, sane man or woman could come to the conclusion these social media posters offer up if they had read the report. The traitor is guilty, has always been guilty of crimes. He has over and over and over again used the courts to screw contractors in his businesses, running the clock out on people who could not match him in funds to keep the lawsuits going. The traitor is doing the same now with his fight with the Democrats in the House. He is telling his people to ignore legal subpoenas and refuse to testify before House committees, hoping to run out the clock by taking them to the courts.

It’s plain that it’s unlawful to not respond to subpoenas but this is a man who doesn’t give a whit about our laws, our constitution. He has a lot of criminality to hide and he will not allow anybody in his orbit to squeal on him. This is the most secret and corrupt administration in our history and it’s exactly what the traitor wants so he can do what he wants without anybody knowing what he is doing.

Man, if we can’t beat this evil man in the courts of law, then we need to whip him badly in the 2020 election. My only fear is that he and his Republican allies are doing everything in their considerable power not to protect our election so a foreign power can intervene and again elect a man who is an illegitimate President to another illegitimate four-year term.



The problem with our system of capitalism is that it works for Wall Street but not Main Street. Most of the money and wealth today is centered on gambling. People with money gamble that the money they invest in our market makes them more money. They are like gamblers at a poker table. They make big bets on good hands (good products) and if that product takes off the gambler wins big. But the guy, the dealer at the poker table, sees very little of the gamble’s profit. Millions of dollars can be made by a gambler in a single afternoon, but the men who labor in factories to produce that product are not going to see any extra money because the product does well at the gambler’s table.

Are you following me?

A lot of money is being shifted around on the poker table (Wall Street), but unless you have money invested on the poker table (Wall Street) you are on the outside looking in. A 2016 study found that 10 percent of the richest people own 84 percent of the market.

So the market doesn’t mean much to the average man or woman. In other words, the system is stacked against the average worker. It only benefits those who have the most money.

Everything works against the average citizen. The biggest economic weapon that keeps the middle class in the middle and the poor in the poor section is credit. It is incredibly disheartening to know just how much interest an average family pays to borrow for a house, a car or for everyday needs.

To purchase a $350,000 house on 4 percent interest over 30 years, you would end up paying about $600,000 for the house. Whether it’s intended or not, interest payments is what keeps the average person under the thumb of those financial institutions that hold the mortgage. It’s also why these financial institutions are holed up in tall buildings. You helped them built it.

We live in an indentured class of society because of interest rates. These financial institutions are the slave holders and we are the slaves.

What is needed is labor to be the most important part of any financial deal. Instead of gamblers making the money, the labor force should be the one that drives the market. Labors should have a bigger share in the profits that their labor brings. Labor should be the market index. If the product does well, the laborers do well. If the product doesn’t do wall, the labors suffer.

The way it is now, labor does not factor into the end result of the market. The market for the product rises and falls as a number depending on how well the gambler’s do at the table. This is wrong. Let the market rise and fall depending on how well the labor force works.

We should have the German model of education that applies technical applications to its programs. If we train all students in the technical sciences as well as the other sciences, the labor force would be more expert at building products that improve society and bring the capitalistic markets in balance with the skilled labor force.

In effect, we would free the average person from the bonds of interest slavery.

That does it for today. I hope this day brings you joy.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.