TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ What is there to add to the Washington Huskies men’s basketball team that they are bad? Nothing. They can’t get much worse. For the umpteen time the Huskies (12-10) blew a second-half lead with air balls and turnovers in the last several minutes to turn victory into defeat, 75-72 to visiting Arizona in a Pac-12 game that lowered the Huskies record in conference to 2-7.  And just for good measure, freshman Jaden McDaniels received his 5th technical of the season. This one was for taunting after a sensational dunk by him. I suggest he is one angry kid. I don’t know what has gone on in his brief life, but whatever it is it has installed him with some anger that shows on his face. He supposedly is a top NBA draft pick, but I would be uneasy if I was a league general manager about drafting him. He might need a few years of counseling and time in the G League. All Husky basketball fans can hope for is that some team does pick him because he is almost useless as a college player. In his case it is one and get out of here. … You know, I still haven’t figured out who will win the Super Bowl. It comes down to whether Patrick Mahomes can be the deciding factor. If he can produce his usual magic, the Kansas City Chiefs have the edge. But if the San Francisco 49ers can disrupt him enough, Richard Sherman will get another Super Bowl ring. It’s an interesting matchup, that’s for sure. So I will sit through several hours of advertising and a half-time show I can do without so I can see firsthand what will happen. That’s enough for tonight. I have had a long and busy day and I’m going to go and relax.

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