TOP OF THE TOWN – I know Washington men’s basketball coach Mike Hopkins spent most of his life playing for and being an assistant basketball coach for Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim who is legendary for his zone defenses, but I think it’s time for Hopkins to change and erase those wonderful memories he had at Syracuse. Yes, Boeheim has gotten away with using a zone for his primary defense for 44 years, 959 victories, one NCAA D-1 championship and 34 appearances into the NCAA Tournament and that isn’t bad.  It is very good. But I’m the opinion that Hopkins needs to stray from what he is familiar with and play a defense that better suits the talent he has. Play man-to-man. Please. In the short times this season he has gone to man defense, usually as a necessity to try to catch up late in games, you can see the success it brings. Last night (Feb. 1) against Arizona State the Huskies rallied from 12 points down in the last few minutes and closed the game on a run that made it exciting, losing 87-83.  They rallied with a man defense that befuddled the Sun Devils. When you have guys as tall and long and as quick as Hopkins has the right thing to do is use all those tools in a man defense. You lose some of that height, length and quickness in the zone. Besides, what does Hopkins have to lose? His team has now lost five straight and nine of 11 games and sits on the bottom of the Pac-12. Man, get after it. Man-up.  As it stands now the Huskies have eight games left and I don’t see a win in those eight. Washington State is next in Pullman on Sunday (Feb. 9) and the Cougars are playing well. So surprise the Cougars and come out in a man defense. Maybe there is a victory there or somewhere else on the schedule, but only if Hop changes things up and goes against what is normal for him. … No, I don’t know who will win today’s Super Bowl. I’m leaning a little toward Kansas City. But I have learned a long time ago that it’s tough to predict NFL games. Just when I think I have it nailed I get clobbered. So, no, I don’t know what will happen. I lean toward KC only because of the play of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. That’s it for today.

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