TOP OF THE TOWN – I find it hard to concentrate in the midst of Antichrist traitor Trump’s continued crime boss spree on America, meddling in the judicial system, pardoning crooks and going after his perceived enemies using attorney general William Barr as his point man. I don’t like bullies and this evil one is a bullying dictator. He needs to go. Soon. In the meantime I’m trying to stay positive, which is a difficult chore considering the traitor is destroying our democracy. … The hate being generated toward the Houston Astros is something I have never seen. Cheating and stealing signs in baseball has been around way before Babe Ruth became known as the Sultan of Swat. If you are not trying to steal signs you are not trying hard enough. I guarantee sign-stealing will not suddenly stop. It’s human nature to gain an edge (look at Antichrist traitor Trump) and as long as humans play baseball sign-stealing will go on. What is overlooked here is that even if you know what pitch is coming you still have to hit it. That’s easier said than done. And the opponent makes plays, too, so it’s not all one sided because one team is stealing signs and the other isn’t. Now new Astros manager Dusty Baker is warning baseball officials that they must go to extra lengths to protect Astros players from retribution this coming season. Baker fears his players will be thrown at, and hit. Hey, that is part of the game, too. You don’t want to hurt guys, but you can bet my pitcher will want to get some revenge. That is human nature, too. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. The bottom line for me, though, is that too much is being made of this. Let’s just play ball, and be careful because your opponent will work hard to steal signs. Bet on it. Take it to the bank…. I’ve given up on Husky basketball. They can’t shoot, they can’t get the ball into their only big-time scorer, they don’t seem to play well together and there looks to be some dissension on the team. And they continue to play that darn zone. Their next beat-down is Thursday (Feb. 20) at home against Stanford. … Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury go at it again on Saturday (Feb. 22). The first fight ended in a draw leaving both heavyweights undefeated. Wilder is 6-foot-7 and about 215 pounds and has a 40-0 record with 39 knockouts and Fury is 6-9, 255 and has a record of 27-0 with 19 knockouts.  Fury is the better boxer, but I expect Wilder to win by knockout. … Hey, have we ever seen anything like Zion Williamson? He’s got tremendous ability to be in the right spot to grab a ball and deftly put it in the hoop with a quick flip of his hands. He has unbelievable hands, super quickness and leaping ability that often looks like Superman flying in the air.  He’s efficient, too. He doesn’t put up a lot of shots, but scores on most of them. The main concern among many is that he will not have a long career because of injuries, which is the only thing that could stop him right now. On top of everything else, Williamson is a super nice human. We don’t get that many players like him who has the right combination of talent and good character. That’s it for today.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.