Others behind the scenes are pulling the puppet strings and Traitor Trump is just the Mouth that Roared



TOP OF THE TOWN ‑Jason Miciak, who writes in Political Fare is exactly right. Traitor Trump, as I have written and as Miciak says, is just the Mouth that Roared. He’s good at pretending, at bullying and at flinging BS around and being the conman. But the dirty work that is being done, has been done, from screwing the poor and middle class and the environment and immigrants, is the work of the criminals around him, including his family. He doesn’t do work. There are people behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings. He just announces their decisions, then gets on Air Force I and flies to Florida to play golf. This is why our allies, or what used to be our allies, laughed behind his back. He’s the joker in a deck of cards that does wild and unpredictable things and then the other poker players at the table have to scramble to fix what he just did.  Clinton was run over and stabbed by the Russians, and she ran a bad campaign, yet managed to collect 3 million more votes than the traitor. People grew to hate Clinton — hell, I didn’t like her because she stole our furniture from the White House when she and Bill left — but she is a million more times qualified to be President than this monster. And, yes, I voted for her because I had no other choice.  May God help us. … This coronavirus is going to cause a deep depression. I don’t care how much money the government throws out there to help the millions who will be losing their jobs while big corporation shut down and stores, bars and restaurants close because the more money that is thrown around the more inflation we will have. You can’t close your borders and shut down your country without causing deep problems. This is not going to go well. What I fear is the traitor Trump pulling out the  joker card and calling out the military to patrol our streets. That is just one small step from a coup. .. I follow closely what the Seahawks do in the off-season and it always surprises me what happens. Pro football is different than other sports in that good players – all Pro – seem to be moved just as much if not more than the guy making the NFL minimum wage. The legendary John Clayton knows the salary cap structure better than most league general managers and when he talks about individual players and their salary cap implications he loses me. The only thing I have figured out about NFL salary structure is the signing of a contract. Most of them are not guaranteed until a certain date and then only for that season. So what has happened in recent years is signing money, which is guaranteed. So a guy might sign for $150 million over five year and never receive a penny if he is cut before the date it becomes guaranteed for that season. But if he can negotiate a signing bonus that is guaranteed then he is good. If Joe Blow signs that $150 million contract and gets $50 million of it up front that is guaranteed money.  In 2010 quarterback Donovan McNabb signed a five-year $78 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, but he never collected a penny after that first year. He was traded to Minnesota just before training camp the following year and was cut by the Vikings and was out of the league without collecting another penny. Russell Wilson signed in 2019 a four-year $140 million deal with the Seahawks that called for $65 guaranteed signing money and $107 million fully guaranteed. That is the way to do it. The problem is that Wilson has enough talent and influence to pull that off. Most players are now Russell Wilson, or even close to Russell Wilson. OK, enough. I’m going into hiding until the Coronavirus blows over. Stay safe.

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