TOP OF THE TOWN – It is incomprehensible how we elected such a fool and a horrible human being all wrapped in one person as President. Talk about a perfect storm – Putin absolutely hating Clinton to the point he marshaled all his forces to upend our 2016 election, Clinton running a horrible campaign in which the key swing stats in the Midwest were nearly ignored, and a candidate that has the unique ability to talk unending with a voice and manner that drew in the voters that were looking for a savior from real and perceived injustices committed by a bloated government that rarely responded to them. Enter Donald J. Trump, a man the majority of Americans have come to despise, maybe even hate, and who I call traitor Trump and sometimes the antichrist. I will add here another personality that fits him. That would be Phineas Taylor Barnum, or more commonly known as P.T. Barnum, who really was nowhere as bad as depicted. He was a conman, yes. He also created hoaxes, including a slave woman he claimed to be 161 years old, but for all his con he did good things. He was a politician who advocated for the Thirteenth Amendment, he became mayor of Bridgeport, Conn and accomplished changes that benefited the city and helped start the city’s hospital. But he also was like traitor Trump in that money was his first priority, money for himself. He also was a showman like the traitor and would go on lecture tours promoting himself and helping him make, what else, money. He’s known for saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” which is right in traitor Trump’s wheelhouse as he goes around conning people in his rallies, which I call “Theaters of the Absurd.” Traitor Trump is still doing rallies under the guise of coronavirus briefings from the White ouHHouse. Its disgusting major TV networks continue to air them. I refuse to watch. I turn the channel when his orange mug appears on the TV screen. He is the vilest person I have ever seen, heard or read about, and I have done a lot of research on Adolph Hitler. The Barnum & Bailey Circus founded by P.T. Barnum was by most observers innocent enough even if it did take advantage of the unsuspecting with its barker style con and its freak shows, but the shows put on by traitor Trump are dangerous to our constitutional republic because he has split our country into half – the conned on one side and the haters on the other. What is even more dangerous is what his administration is doing behind the scenes in destroying our environment, polluting our atmosphere by stripping away regulations, taking away healthcare and safety nets from the lowest economic class, crushing the barriers of checks and balances in our government, tearing away at our constitution, gutting the justice and state departments, packing courts with unqualified judges loyal to him, stealing from our treasure to line his and his family’s pockets and blandly lying without concern what his lies are doing to our country. If you and I could patch together a person that we believed would be the worse human in recorded history we couldn’t come close to making one as horrible as the orange one. He defies description. Nobody knows what Satan really looks like. Nobody can tell what the antichrist will look like when he appears in the End Times. But I’m guessing that he will look a lot like the orange man and definitely act like him. I pray numerous times a day that God help us in our time of need, and I’m not talking about the virus sweeping the globe. We need divine help because the traitor will do anything, and is doing everything, to get reelected in November. He’s a street smart thug raised around the Mafia and is using all those smarts in destroying our government in an attempt to gain total control. I wouldn’t bet against him. God, please help. Stay save, and pray we can overcome this monster.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.