TOP OF THE TOWN – Let’s get this out of the way before I go on: Jadeveon Clowney does not want to play in Seattle. I don’t bash him for wanting to get the best offer, but I do think he’s two-faced when he has previously said how much he loved the city and playing for the Seahawks and now is turning his back on the city and the team as he waits things out to get the best deal he can. I have little patience for this. I don’t see how Pete Carroll and John Schneider can patiently wait out Clowney before they make the next move. They should just go ahead and sign defensive end Everson Griffen, a former Pro Bowler that had eight sacks last season with Minnesota and get on with life. If a guy doesn’t want to play on your team you certainly aren’t going to get his best effort if he is forced by the market to play for your team. I would not want an unhappy player on my team… I have been trying for years to figure out why people support a guy like Trump, who has so much bad baggage that it’s unbelievable. I know how he has gotten this far in life without being thrown in jail. He uses all the tools of a criminal to avoid it, and this guy has a lot of tools. But why I often asked myself do people follow him when all the evidence why they shouldn’t is right there in front of them. I had a long conversation this morning with Mary, who did some social work earlier in his career, and something she said clicked with me, turning a bright light on this subject. That’s it, I said to myself. That is why people follow him. Hillary Clinton called Trump’s followers “deplorables.” That is one reason why Clinton is not President. That exposed Clinton as an entitled rich SOB and even as most people felt she was qualified to be President that turned them off. If the Republicans had run a decent person I might not have voted for her. I didn’t like it that she and Bill raided the White House furniture, which is owned by us taxpayers, when they left. How entitled of them. They did return some of the furniture when there was a big stink over it, but the damage had been done to me. Trump’s followers are not deplorables. What they are for the most part are people who have been verbally and physically abused by a society that often rejects those who are less fortunate because of circumstances often beyond their control. Mary recounts situations where children were taken away from a single parent not because that person was a bad parent but because from physical appearance it looked like it. That parent often was left in desperate situations because there was no effective family structure to help them. In fact, often the family structure did just the opposite, crushed them physically and mentally and left them with no recourse. These parents were stripped of confidence and longed for somebody to help them or love them because society had left them behind and rejected them. I’m not saying all of Trump supports fit this description, but many likely do. Happily for them, along came their savior. Or at least he said he was their savior. That’s where Trump’s con comes in. He plugged into their despair, their hopelessness and gave them hope and, yes, love. They love the way he sticks it to the system that failed them. His promised to drain the swamp was perfect music to their ears. Forget that Trump has added to the swamp. The followers believe whatever he says. We, of course, know his whole life has one big lie and he constantly lives. But the bigger his lies the more his followers cheer him on, which is sweet music to his ears. They believe they are finally getting revenge for all society has done to them, all the neglect they have suffered, all the abuse and rejection they have felt. Trump will do nothing to disappoint them. It is why he said of the protesters in Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia that they should liberate those states and that they were good people. The end result of this is that he has become like a cult leader. He has enjoined all the society left-behinds together in a block vote that won’t be deterred in following their dear leader. This is all clear to me now. I can understand how a person who has been beaten down from their early days is suddenly welcomed into a group that has similarly been beaten down. Now they can get their revenge against a society that kicked them to the curb. They are not deplorables. They are left-behinds. But no more because now they are part of a cult that are being “saved.” Nobody can convince them they are being conned by the biggest and best conman in our history. No, he is their savior. Some evangelicals even believe he is “The Chosen One.”  Trump plugs into them, also. So even though we know he is as much a Christian as he is the Man in the Moon, they, too, love him because he tells them what they want to hear. Fortunately for us, the majority of American voters, we now know what is going on and are ready to vote The Chosen One back to his Golden Throne in one of his mortgaged-to-the-hilt Trump Towers.  But it won’t be an easy boot out the door because Trump is not only the biggest conman in our history, but has stockpiled a huge pile of money to use in his campaign, will use every dirty political trick in the book and more, and will have the support of at least Russia among foreign actors for the November election. If we can overcome all of that and oust him from the White House, he will have at least two more tricks up his sleeve – the courts if the election is close and those supporters who will likely be encouraged by him to take to the streets to protect him, their cult leader. Not counting the evangelicals, we have God on our side and I pray that He will assist us in giving the conman the boot.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.