TOP OF THE TOWN ­– I don’t know, maybe I’m too moral. Maybe I should rob a bank or something to settle into what is becoming more and more normal in our society – be a crook, be weird politically and side with all the bleepers that have risen to prominence among our lawmakers or join the far-right extremist ride with the biggest crook of all, 45.  But as I have written, I could not, would not, play golf on the LIV Golf tour because the Saudi Crown Prince, who is supporting this with tons of oil money, some $200 million reportedly given to Phil Mickelson to lure him, was the one who got his men to dismember and kill an American Journalist. Golfers who have left the PGA Tour like Mickelson should be playing with a red golf ball to symbolize the blood the Crown Prince spilled. The second moral act is the situation with quarterback Deshaun Watson. First, the Cleveland Browns signed Watson for five years and $230 million. That’s not as much as Phil got for just signing with evil, but its close. The second part of this is Watson was accused by 22 women of sexual misconduct. This was not a one-off, but a trend by Watson. I mean if you get accused once that is bad. But 22 times? So a retired Federal Judge Sue L Robinson today issued her opinion on what NFL should do with Watson. She ruled he be suspended for the first six games of the coming season. “Mr. Watson is hereby suspended for six (6) regular-season games without pay,” she ruled. “Although this is the most significant punishment ever imposed on an NFL player for allegations of non-violent sexual conduct, Mr. Watson’s pattern of conduct is more egregious than any before reviewed by the NFL.” I agree with that last statement. C’mon, Watson has a pattern of taking advantage of women for sex. I would like him to be suspended for at least a year, and maybe for life. But not only does he get to play this year (depending on what the NFL now does because the league has 3 days to appeal Robinson’s decision) but he gets $46 million (less the six games) this year for doing so. You do what he did you should be thrown out of the league. How dare they keep him around and pay him more money a year than I could imagine making in a lifetime. So maybe I’m out of sync with what goes on for life nowadays. It’s crazy out there, folks. But I’m not going to change even if I’m the last one toeing the righteous line. Let the world go to pot. I’ll stand by and watch it disappear. No, that is not right. I will fight to my last breath to hold accountable those who do crimes like 45. Watson, Phil and all the rest taking blood money from the Saudis should be also. Ok, that’s enough for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.