Think of this as the board game Risk. So what we have here is a bunch of Grifters and criminals hunkered down in the People’s House, holding it hostage behind newly erected high fencing and cement barriers. These grifters and criminals have gained control of our treasury, skimming off billions of dollars, a large TV Network, the Justice and State Departments, half of the legislative branch, most of the courts, including the Supreme Court, have infiltrated and compromised some social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter, have won over a majority of Evangelicals with the promise of ridding the country of blacks, browns and Muslims and restoring the glory of white America to its roots, and are a direct and deep threat to our Constitution that has stood as a beacon for freedom, liberty and hope to billions around the globe. As the Grifters and criminals continue their evil march a stunned world gasps with anxiety loving bonds built up over a century are being broken and scattered around as a once gentle and friendly giant has turned suddenly into a raging, hateful and grotesque bully. Against this rising menace is a powerful army of hundreds of millions slowly accepting the realization these grifters and criminals are hell-bent on capturing more than just the People’s House. As we speak this powerful army is preparing its Gettysburg to take over the country. This battle, unlike Gettysburg and the fall of Vicksburg on July 4, 1863, which turned the civil war on its ear and signified the beginning of the end of the rebellion of the Southern States, will be on held on Nov. 3, 2020. The importance of this impending battle can’t be understated. Just as George G. Meade led the Union Army in a route of Robert E Lee’s Army at Gettysburg and  simultaneously  a Union Army led by Ulysses S. Grant’s captured Vicksburg in Mississippi, this November clash will be remembered in history books as the turning point for the soul of the United States. It pits a genuinely game of Risk with Grifters and Criminals hoping to finally subdue a once proud nation while the powerful opposing Democratic force of hundreds of millions is hoping to strengthened the Constitution, the rule of law and equal justice for all and once again become a beacon for freedom, liberty and hope for the rest of the word as it hurls itself against the man-made barriers placed around the People’s House and finally shut off the most serious threat to this country since 1863. If you want to join in on the battle for the soul of our country register to vote and then vote Blue, Blue, Blue. We have everything to lose Nov. 3 if you don’t.