TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ Trump’s  childish walk to St. John’s Church to get a photo opt with him holding up a Bible in his hand is rooted in his continuing con against what I call the non-Christian evangelicals who are as Christian as I am the King of Arabia. It is not only my opinion that if you have to go to phony lengths to show how important or how, in this case, dedicated to God you are then you are as phony as a three-dollar bill. Real Christians don’t need to hold a Bible up to prove they are followers of Jesus Christ. Real Christians show up regularly for Church, tithe 10 percent, and volunteer to help their church in its Christan mission. They read the Bible front to back repeatedly and can not only cite Biblical passages on the drop of a dime, but live a Biblical life without bragging about it or by ordering peaceful protestors, including clergy there to provide food to the protestors, to be cleared out by tear gas and armed guards so you can show how dedicated you are to church by holding up a Bible that likely isn’t yours and certainly have never read. This is a con job by the king of conmen. And face it, evangelicals have bought it. So-called evangelists like Franklin Graham, who is worth $10 million, and others like televangelists Kenneth Copeland (net worth of $700) and Pat Robertson ($100 million) have their own con going on and support the childish Trump, a cartoon character if ever I saw one, almost 100 percent. I want to make it clear right here that I am a very spiritual person. I’m not a church goer, although I have on occasion been a regular at a couple churches. I don’t just believe in the existence of God, but I know He exists. I have had several spiritual experiences, including one in which my dead granddaughter talked to me. But I don’t brag about it and you will never see me stand in front of a church holding a Bible up to prove to you I’m a Christian. Here’s what I think of this crazy child-like Trump stunt. He knows he’s losing support from the American people and while he will never admit that (because he never admits to anything) he co-opted the ghost of Richard Nixon and borrowed his law and order stance when he was being pushed to the brink of despair. Trump has always admired strongmen like Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, Kim  Jong-un and Turkey’s Erdogan and thinks of himself that way. I believe he’s being mentored by Putin. Those so-called Christian evangelicals, including Franklin and the others, want a strongman and they see that in Trump. They fear for their “American Way”, which is white privilege. They think colored people and other nationalities that are Muslim or look different than they are have no place in American life. They also see in Trump that he wants white privilege too. They don’t look at his numerous and serious flaws because he’s tough and strong and willing to protect them and their way of life and that is all that matters. He’s come from God to save them. Trump is not dumb. He’s street smart and is excellent at reading people and finding their weaknesses, which he takes advantage of.  These fake Christians have been anxiously waiting for somebody to con them. Trump is their man, their gift from God (I had a text battle with a woman that would not pay attention to any detail about Trump that didn’t fit her deep belief that Trump was a gift from God. I finally texted her that, yes, he is a gift to you, from Satan, and blocked her on my social platform). Some of these phony evangelicals have seen the “light.” A recent poll showed Trump’s evangelical support is 50-50. But Trump is a great conman. He  is now going to “preach” to these evangelicals. The start was that photo opts at St. John’s followed by another at the St. John Paul II Shrine. His blasphemy toward God with his phoniness will, unfortunately for us, probably work. I think I can say for most of us that Donald J. Trump is about as religious as the fly I just swatted away. I expect Trump to now focus on his authoritarian instincts that may include unleashing the military on some states. I’m sure the phony evangelicals will jump up and clap their hands in glee. Our response has to be slapping Donald J. Trump down in November … with glee.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.